Ric Ocasek of the Cars passes away

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Hardline, Sep 15, 2019.

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    Ric Ocasek, lead singer of the 1980s hook-heavy hitmakers The Cars, has died at the age of 75, New York media reported on Sunday.

    Ocasek’s death was reported by NBC 4 New York and the New York Post. Reuters could not immediately confirm those reports.

    A New York Police spokesman said that a 75-year-old male was found unresponsive at a townhouse on 19th street in the city at approximately 4 p.m. on Sunday and pronounced dead at the scene.

    There for about a 6 year period the Cars were absolutely huge. RIP.
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    More of my childhood slips away. RIP
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    first eddie money and now ric ocasek rough weekend for rock legends. my favorite cars song is touch and go great song. ocasek sung that song.
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    Jesus Christ knock it off!
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    Rough weekend, musically speaking.
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    Holy Moly.

    I listen to classic rock a lot and still hear The Cars a couple times a day. They were huge in the MTV days with their videos always in heavy rotation. This is very surprising news to me and I am saddened to hear of his passing.


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    Thanks for the songs and fun videos.

    RIP Sir
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    RIP. Another one gone. Dang.
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    Ocasek wrote most of the songs and sung several of them.
    By far their best singer was Benjamin Orr

    And now they’re both gone.
  11. HardHittin'Witten

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    Yeah, Orr was so talented. It sucks that they're both gone.
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    "Let the good times roll" lead singer/ cars ,done gone country @aged75
    ,,,I ain't trailing behind that cool quirky kinda' cat all that much on the odometer, anyways,,, now some of you elder fellows might wanna cast a cursory gander at yer' calendars,,,maybeo_O
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    rip to the iconic singer/songwriter
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    He never looked particularly healthy, I guess that's partly because I didn't realize how old he was.
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    Who will make up the Trifecta?
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    The debut album "The Cars" from beginning to end is one of my favorites.

    RIP Ric

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  18. DFWJC

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    RIP indeed

    Btw, youtube a couple kive versions of Candy O. Pretty cool
    Sometimes I forget how tight those guys could be on stage.
    The lead guitarist—Elliot Easton— was underrated
    Lead vocalist (often anyway) Ben Orr was talented and cool. A Decent bassist too
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    Yep, always liked Easton as a player. He always played the right notes at the right time.
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    Still a great song to listen to with headphones..........

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