Video: Rico One-Hand catch today

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DiResta, Aug 12, 2018.

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    I think its silly that Garrett doesn't give Gathers a chance. Who cares if he can't block as well as the others. The other 3 TEs are nothing more than blocking TEs that can't catch. Our coach needs to think out of the box and just start playing Gathers more with the idea of using them as passcatchers rather than extra blockers. We already have 3 other TEs that can block and its not like they are anything special.
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    RIco getting cut and going elsewhere to flourish would be the nail in Garrett’s coffin. Please cut him :clap:they won’t utilize him anyway.
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    If Cooper Rush asked the camp dj to play Taylor Swift or Devo, would the request be honoured?
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    We could win State if the Coach would just put him in... he can jump over that mountain over there
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    Geoff Swaim is special.
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    Jocko @#$% for sure
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    Keeping a guy going into his 3rd TC who skipped 9-10 years off football isn’t giving Gathers a chance? This video shows he is getting chances. Let preseason play out - Gathers will get chances in those games too.

    In any case, coaches have a team to build and can’t afford to just dismiss blocking. There are a limited number of roster spots, and a much more limited number of spots that can be used on players that are specialists and can’t handle all facets of a position. And it’s false to say others can’t catch. Jarwin definitely looks good on that front, and Schultz and Swaim, while not flashy, are capable receivers.
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    Actually, Barwin is probably the best pure-receiving tight end. Swaim and Schultz may be better route runners than Gathers as well. Athletically, I think Rico is a better talent, though, but he's still learning how to use that talent on the football field.
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    I don't care if he blocks and is lumbering........split the dude out on a straight go pattern,
    or post in the middle of the field and have some fun!!!!

    He's a match up problem, that's the whole point.
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    I have never been that impressed with most one handed catches. Some are great. Most are extremely overrated. To me, the two handed difficult catch is way more impressive because it shows that a receiver can be fundamentally sound in all situations and more likely to catch almost everything.

    When Junior Odell Beckham made that famous one handed stab against us in 2014, suddenly every 12 year old playing receiver tries to one hand catch passes that are supposed to be made with two. The one hand grab should be an extreme rarity rather than a go to.

    Nothing against Rico in this instance. It’s a nice catch. Is it great? Not really.
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    I like the athleticism to secure the catch and keep running upfield... I wouldn’t want to tackle him...
  13. ConstantReboot

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    Where are the Blake Jarwin highlights? I haven't even heard him making a good catch. Swaim and Schultz are nothing more than blockers. They both are not pass catching TEs. Especially Schultz.

    Gathers causes the other team to account for him. He is a matchup nightmare. None of our TEs can scare anyone.
  14. NotForLong

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  15. Corso

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    Which kind of special...
    You dirty dog! I slap your hand! Lol!
  16. Corso

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    It shows amazing eye-hand coordination and excellent concentration while on the run.
    Acknowledge that.
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    Yes sir. Amazing.
  18. blueblood70

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    the knock onhim is poor route tree etc but I agree just let him run fly routes and do what he does best but only a handful of times agame, hes a lability when one hasn't said the guy cant catch we saw it last preseason before his injury its the rest that keeps him on the bench but really how often has he really been available , dudes hurt too much..if hes doesnt break through this year with an open comp, it over for him..
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    Awww... no need to say Sir.
    I may have been Coast Guard, but no need anymore.

    I should probably say Sir to you... if we're going to be like that.
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    Its called being a coach.....Garrett would be doing Rico, Ricos teammates and the fans a a disservice and he did not demand excellence.

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