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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Plankton, Dec 28, 2021.

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    The NFL will never be the same.
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    The Madden-Summeral broadcast team will always remain the gold standard.

    RIP John Madden and thank you for the huge contributions to the sport.
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    RIP sir… you are loved and you will be missed.
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    Just a legend, and he was before the video game. RIP John! :bow::bow:
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    Aside from his unique color commentary, he made watching the line play fun and instructive... seemedc
    he really appreciated good offensive and defensive linemen. And, his comments about Larry Allen belong in the HOF along side the bust of Allen
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    In my lifetime there have been three definitive voices of the NFL: John Facenda, Pat Summerall and John Madden. Each was uniquely gifted, each irreplaceable. Such a great loss.
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    So sad. He and Pat were the voices of my childhood while watching football. Lots of fond memories of watching the games with my dad and just laughing at some of the stuff he would talk about during a broadcast. I feel very few people can be labeled as irreplaceable at what they did in life. He's definitely one of them.
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    R.I.P. Mr. Tough Actin' Tenactin.
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    The GOAT...RIP
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    Epic video.
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    Great article showing the kind of man that John Madden was. Excerpt below:

    But it was one act of kindness in particular that many recalled about Madden after his death: The care he showed for Darryl Stingley, a New England Patriots player who suffered a life-changing spinal cord injury in a preseason game against Madden’s Raiders in 1978.

    When Madden learned of the severity of Stingley’s injury after the game, he went straight to the Oakland-area hospital where Stingley had been taken. When Madden arrived he was angered to learn that Patriots head coach Chuck Fairbanks was flying home with the rest of the team, as Madden felt that Fairbanks should have stayed with Stingley until Stingley’s family could arrive. A 1979 New York Times article reported that Madden got someone at the airport on the phone and barked, “You get Chuck Fairbanks off that plane.”

    A Sports Illustrated profile of Madden in 1983 reported that when Stingley’s family did arrive, Madden and his wife offered to let the family stay in their home and use their car as long as Stingley was in the hospital. Madden also took time away from the Raiders’ training camp to make regular visits to Stingley. After the Raiders played the Broncos in the regular-season opener that year, they flew home from Denver and Madden went straight from the airport to the hospital to see Stingley.
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    The thing about Madden...

    I think we ALL expected him to pass several years earlier. We could all see how overweight he was. I'm so glad he was able to live as long as he did and enrich so many lives.
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    Sports journalist on various stations have done a good job eulogizing Madden ,but Shannon Sharpes comments on John we’re just top shelf.

    I’d like to have heard Michael Irvin’s comments as well because beyond the broadcasting and gaming successes, Madden is a player’s coach first and foremost and you can here the sincerity from the players and Madden surely peaked as a broadcaster during the Triplets tenure so I’m sure there’s a special bond with that group as well
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    Just thought how cool it would be for Emmitt, Troy and Michael to be pall bearers for the funeral…….of course Emmitt may have to put lifts in his shoes so he can reach
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    He had a fondness of Nate Newton as well, would always circle the sweat around Nate butt. lol
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    "Jimmy Johnson has something going on down there in Dallas".

    John Madden, 1990.
    Well before anyone else was talking about it.
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