Rob Phillips - What's Next for TE?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Furboy, Feb 10, 2021.

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    Idk about Super Bowl contenders in 2021, but I think we can position ourselves, if we draft well on defence, to be able to at least get a pretty nice run in 2021. I'd love to get an extra 1st round next year if we can. That would be super helpful! I'd love to get a later 1st, 2nd, and a 1st next year for our 10th. That would be a GOLDEN trade! Especially given the defencive players available in this draft.
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    To me..

    Neither is a threat to throttle a defense like the top TEs on our competition.

    Look at Philly or Washington or the Giants.

    Platooning Shultz and Jarwin is not ideal as neither is good at blocking for Zeke and pressuring the defense and hurting the coverages.

    They merely act as safety valve choices when Dak is pressured and needs to get rid of the ball.

    Moore has never showed he can scheme the TE into the attack in an exploited approach.

    He has trouble just using our 3 WRs well. Forget Zeke out of the backfield much less Pollard. Moore is a joke using all the weapons well.

    Pitts in this year's draft if we could get him. He will be gone by 10 but worth a trade up if possible.

    With the injury to Dak an unknown and the uncertainty with the OL..

    Dak is going to be throwing quickly to avoid the coming pressure. Since Dak is going to get his 2nd Tag and a big chunk of the cap..

    I think Dallas has little choices if they are going to improve in the won-loss.

    I know everybody will want defense in this draft..and that will happen with the rest of the picks.

    But as the other teams make trades for
    drafting QBs..

    offense plums are where we could find a blue chip guy like Pitts. Instant Dak addition.

    Will help move the chains..control TOP..revive Zeke as a weapon blocking..attack underneath with CeeDee in the slot..

    Just my 2 cents.

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    I really dont think Pitts last that long and he isnt a position of need but man he is a baller. Pitts on talent alone regardless of position is in the top 10. But if we could pull off something like that Id be down for it. The only thing that concerns me is the secondary talent after surtain, Farley maybe marginal.
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    Same here, but I like Farley and Horn as well.
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    I tend to agree with you. I struggle to identify a defensive player who I can feel confident is worth #10. I think the demand for certain players \ positions may provide a good market for us to trade back. If the cards fall right, I think a team could make a lot of hay with multiple picks between say 17 & 55.

    Of course, i would love to have the higher pick we could have had to dangle as trade bait and really get a haul.
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