Romo a possible Defensive Coordinator's assistant or Line Backer's coach or assistant?

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by CowboyFanInLexKy, Jan 21, 2019.

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    I don't know about you but listening to Tony's color commentating calling out what plays were going to be played on the offensive line, What are your thoughts of Romo being a Defensive Coordinator's assistant or even a linebackers coach? Being able to pick what the other team is going to do can be a major weapon...

    Your thoughts?
  2. jrumann59

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    Focusing on what a team is going to do without having to formulate a play to stop it is easy. These announcers and their teams get ton of footage probably from the all-22 and they have almost a week to get their notes together to call a game. DC or LB will have a day or 2 to study and make preparations for the game.
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    Why in the h*ll would he leave the booth making millions a year to be an assistant coach?
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    No, maybe OC someday. But he is not leaving the booth anytime soon...
  5. CowboyFanInLexKy

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    So you're saying those plays that Romo called before they happened were rehearsed so Tony would know what to say and when to say it? Notes is one thing but what he was doing, you don't have notes for that..

    Yes I think he would be an awesome offensive coordinator but he changed the game (in regards to color commentating) by telling everyone watching the game on TV what was about to transpire before it even happened..

    Granted he may be able to do the same thing reading defenses right before a play (which would be helpful for our offensive side).
  6. jrumann59

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    He wasa QB in the NFL and he was a student of the game. He can see tendencies and probability. Its one thing to call it out on the air its another to gameplan against it. Like I said he gets to study tape for almost a week before the game so you can get into the minutiae since all you are is looking at teams and their tendencies. Dissecting tape for 5-6 days gives you more info than a guy that has to watch film, devise a scheme to beat it, then make sure your players execute and hope you do not need to revisit tape before game day. Being a coach has too many other responsibilities that need to be done besides watch tape.
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    Money and time commitment make absolutely no sense to do this, at the moment he has all the time in the world.
  8. cowboy_ron

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    Why would anyone think Romo belongs on the defensive side of the ball? Dumb thread.
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    This forum sometimes...
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    I think a good coach understands both sides of the ball very well. Tom Landry was a defensive player but I think his understanding of offense and how to attack a defense based on his experience on defense was an asset. Josh McDaniel in NE has some past experience as a defensive assistant coach

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