Romo Hall of Famer?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by stilltheguru, Feb 10, 2021.

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    Brice Butler, WR, came to Cowboys in 2015. Said that Tony made up the weekly offensive gameplans, though he was never specific about which seasons.

    I've always wondered if Tony was running the show in 2016, and then the offense dropped off in 2017 w/o him.
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    Romo for sure no doubt had a HOF talent , every but as good as Eli or warner and for sure as good as flacco dilfer etc etc..

    difference was coaching and teams around him..

    ;look at ram warner then NYG warner oh goes to Cardinals and wins another sb,..its abut the team most of those guys had better defenses..

    no sbs = no HOF although one Marino got there but at ,east he payed in a SB..

    unfortunate by i hole TR in high regard as one of my all time DC favorites..
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    eli was as good as romo i mean maybe romo had slight advantage but not 50times but yes very sad for players like Romo, dez and witten who had very good careers for us and never got the play for the ring..
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    agree with his statements 100% exception he wont get in the HOF..
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    That’s how I see it, too. That game had that questionable call early, too, that wiped out a huge play and a scoring opportunity when Noah Brown didn’t check into the huddle or whatever the hell it was. Just really annoying, all around. But Tony wouldn’t likely have played any better than Dak did that game. Dak was fire.
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    Many hall of famers are broke, I'll take hall of very good and millions in the bank. It would be nice to have both, but if I had to pick.......
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    Yeah. Why wouldn’t we? Our problems weren’t COVID related. We had a bad defensive scheme, confused players, and we shot ourselves in the foot—multiple times—with terrible play calling on our own side of the field. We had players leaking their dissatisfaction to the press mid-season. Our best players underperformed.

    There’s no good reason to give the staff a pass for that stuff.
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    Again: this isn’t new information. There’s nothing to dodge. Holley didn’t like Garrett when he stopped by for a cup of coffee with the team. Got it. He’s a nobody. The only reason you credit the opinion is because it’s negative. This isn’t a mystery.

    Meanwhile, you diagnosed the situation and the “fix” made things worse. Now you didn’t like that fix and you’re ready for the “actual fix.” Yawn. That’s just code for you were wrong and don’t know enough to recognize it so you’re doubling down.
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    wheres Danny white?
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    Once again Jesse Holley demonstrates how much of a football idiot he is. Romo is not a HoF'er based on his NFL career, however, if he continues doing what he is currently doing for CBS for a couple of decades his status as a HoF'er may change.
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    I was wrong for thinking MM had more to do with Rodgers, yes. I was wrong for thinking nepotism and good ole boy tactics left with Garrett. Does garrett still suck? Ask decision makers around the league. He got one interview that had you giddy. Stop playin yourself.

    And if course its he doesnt like Garrett. Typical comeback anytime someone gets on his case. Its always personal lol
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    Preach it Jesse!
    Twenty-nine qb's have won a Super Bowl as a starter, & of that number, 11 are in the hall of fame, & 4 will be when they're eligible.

    In stark contrast, there are only 3 QB's who didn't reach the Super Bowl era & still were inducted into the Hall of Fame. Warren Moon, Sonny Jurgensen & Dan Fouts. :p --------> runs
    About 85% more than the men in here. :muttley:
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    HoF talent, doesn’t have HoF resume. And yes Garrett held everyone back.
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    NO. And that is unfortunate. He never really had a supporting cast on defense.
  15. Rayman70

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    I would debate Danny White for the hall long before I would Romo. Simply because Danny led his teams to 3 straight conf. championship games , and during a time when the league was not watered was very tough to do so.But like Romo, he lacked a supporting cast of characters on defense. They were aging. His prime was misused by the team.
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    Unfortunately no but if he had just one ring, then he probably gets in after several tries. I think he does get in eventually as an announcer.
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    Is it just me or is mahomes a better version of Romo. Every time I watch him play I just think they move very similar. Obviously Mahomes is on a different level but a lot of that is team and coaching.
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    No and its not even close
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    Same place Romo should be.....not in the HOF.
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    I loved Romo, thought he saved the team from being a complete train-wreck for many years but he didn't get far enough. Had he made it to a Super Bowl, maybe a couple more championship games MAYBE..but to me you have to break NFL records and win champioships/MVP's...pretty simple.

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