Romo says Cowboys are built to win Super Bowl

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Diehardblues, Oct 24, 2021.

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    “They’ve built a team that can win the whole thing,'' Romo said on Sunday's telecast from New England. "And it’s for real. Watch out!''

    The so-far standings say Romo is onto something. The Cowboys, with a three-game lead in the division, have already put distance between themselves from the rest of the NFC East.

    History also says contention is in the cards. The Cowboys have over the course of franchise history started 5-1 a total of 14 times.

    The've made the playoffs in each of those years.

    The previous 5-1 starts led to 10 division titles, four Wild-Card berths, three Super Bowl appearances and two championships.
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    Still think our defense needs to improve to win a Super Bowl.....but, I'll wait and see.
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    The defense is pretty young and learning a new scheme, so improvement over the season is quite possible. We also get reinforcements in D. Law and Gallimore. That should be a good thing.
  4. pansophy

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    I would add red zone offense to the list as well.
  5. Gorgon

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    Both this and the aforementioned defense. Red zone appears to be more play calling, still relying on the line to get Zeke or Dak in. Meanwhile, the TEs are usually wide open. D's weakness appears to be in the middle of the field and especially TACKLING. The corners do not tackle on run plays---but they are very good on the skinny screens. Too much grabbing around the chest, not enough wrapping up the legs. Middle could be some LB problems, too. Parsons is a
    great rusher, but not sure of his coverage.
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  6. CATCH17

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    Nah.. Defense is just as good as anyone else’s.

    It’s not a defensive league at all.

    It just doesn’t get get much better than the team we have right now. You have to ignore what other teams have to be envious of someone else’s overall roster because everyone else’s fans are envious of Dallas right now.
  7. Gorgon

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    Plenty of room for improvement, esp. in tackling and in passes over the middle.
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  8. DFWJC

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    This team has some similarities to some recent Super Bowl winners

    Overpowering offense complemented by a defense that is above average but is near the top of the league in high turnover differential

    The top 3 teams so far this year in turnover differential are
    • Buffalo
    • Arizona
    • Dallas
  9. foofighters

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    Still to early to say something like that. Just enjoy it for it now.
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  10. CATCH17

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    The defense has been a big strength so far and it’s even better when the offense performs and builds a lead.

    You want the defense to improve? Score more points on offense and make the opposing offense 1 dimensional. That is when explosions have occurred this year.
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  11. Gorgon

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    I am here in AZ and am not a believer in the Cards. They have really lucked out in a couple of games. Murray is a real talent, as is their receiving corps, but they can't run the ball effectively. Good pass rush, pretty much the same as us beyond the front 4.
  12. DallasEast

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    It is still a long season. Here is to hoping they continue improving their consistency and execution in coaching, offense, defense and special teams (yeah I am talking about you too Zuerlein! :laugh: ). The team is on par with the best of the league. So far. So good. (fingers crossed)
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  13. pansophy

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    I’ll be happy with more consistent play. We made more plays than Tampa, we just made more mistakes too.
  14. CATCH17

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    Officials decided the game.

    It was a close game and a string of calls and no calls at the end were what separated the 2.

    IMO, Dallas looked like the better team but Tampa just scored more points.

    All things considered against Tampa we shouldn’t even compare this current Cowboys team to week 1.
  15. CouchCoach

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    Getting to the SB this year is all about who you play and where you play them.
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  16. Hardline

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    Why haven't they been building a team to win the Super Bowl for the last 25 years?
  17. GMO415

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    Hope he's talking like an analyst, and not as a former QB. He didn't know a SB contender back then to save his life.
  18. Gorgon

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    Given that, it's interesting that the 6-0 Cards have gotten this far with two games where they had massive penalties. I think in one game they had 10 in a HALF. They are a hugely penalized team, but
    seem to overcome.
  19. Batman1980

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    Kelvin Joseph.
  20. terra

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