Twitter: Rumor: Dak Turned Down $30m/yr?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound131, Aug 11, 2019.

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    I've played this out in my head for awhile now. I agree that Amari is the only must have contract at this point. I honestly believe that if Zeke doesn't want to sign for the offer he's been given, then we should just let him move on and get what we can for him. It's either that or just lose whatever investment we've got once he becomes a Unrestricted FA. I think with Dak, you let him play out the season and see where we are at. If he does take the next step, then pay him because we will then have cap to be able to do that, if we move Zeke. If Dak doesn't step up, then let him go test the market and see who offers what. I don't believe anybody will over Dak 32 but if somebody is out there and does, then trade him and go draft a young QB next year. Yeah, that sets us back but does it really matter? If we can't win with the guys we've got, we are gonna have to start over any way you look at it. Cooper, him you gotta get signed. He is legit and whomever you have playing QB is going to benefit from him. I think you gotta get him done for sure.
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    well id say you need to pick up some Zoloft and colonopan as you are out of touch with reality and need to come back down to earth IF you feel daks a 30mil QB..he sir IS NOT..
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    It's a rumor that some jerk in the media made up for clicks. Dont overreact until we got some solid numbers... too late for that I guess lol
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    I agree with all of this but I also think it's pretty easy to see that the Cowboys probably aren't offering a crappy deal to Dak. The teams interest is to lock him up long term. I don't believe they would draw up anything that didn't give him really good guaranteed money or create a deal that was reliant on a lot of incentives to get paid. They have to know that he would not appreciate that so if you are offering a deal, I just don't see Jerry going that route. Now, I don't know for sure, I haven't seen any details but I have watched Jerry for awhile and seems to me like it would be unlikely.

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    "We offered 30m a year! How much more could you be looking for?"

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    Can't believe his agent thinks so. What is his selling point?
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    Great gif. :muttley:
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    There is no sense with you, common or otherwise, Amber. Even if you fell in it.

    It is known.
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    I honestly don't know. I think his agent is just trying to get more, I mean, who knows what Dak actually thinks here? If this info is true, then it's clearly more then 30 and I'd say it's 32 or more. It was originally reported that his contract demand was 32 so that tracks.
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    I still would have let Dak play this season out before I offered him anything.
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    Stephen Jones said all 3 guys were offered top 5 money at their positions. In Dak's case, thats 30 million dollars. Not a whole lot of detective work required.
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    Teams always put a story like this to make the player seem greedy, and it works every time.
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    I do think that's whats going on. lol
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    If, and it's a big if because we really don't know, he's trying to beat $32 million a year I'd definitely let him play it out.

    What's the worst that could happen? He gets the biggest QB contract ever? It seems he may already be trying to do that anyway, so let's see what other team is willing to talk that kind of number.
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    Thank Goodness he turned down 30 million ...

    Now go lower ., 25 million .
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    Friend, it does not matter what your opinion, my opinion, or anyone's opinion of Prescott's value to the franchise. However, you (and others) actually do think your opinion matters. There is an obvious disconnect in referencing what is or is not 'out of touch' concerning this (and many other) topic(s).

    The only opinion that matters belongs to Jerry Jones. I have observed the man for three decades. It has been my opinion since 2016 Jones would make Prescott one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the league. The man jettisoned an established franchise quarterback for a player debatably at a midway point of his rookie season because he believed another franchise quarterback fell in his lap.

    Franchise quarterbacks get PAID in the National Football League. Any anxiety I might have felt about Prescott's impact on the team's salary cap evaporated three years ago. If that makes me 'out of touch', hallelujah. One thing is certain though. I am not among those creating post after post and thread after thread for days on end about a situation completely out of my control. Maybe it is the Zoloft talking lol.

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    That's about what I think the amount would be, but somehow think he wants a bit more. I wonder what they want in guaranteed money and signing bonuses?
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    You sign him now so you don't have to give him $40 million next year.

    The $30m number is also meaningless because we don't know what the guarantees were. If the offer was like 6x$30 but only $50m guaranteed, of course Dak said no. Dak might be fine with $28m if the guarantees are where he wants them.
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    No idea, all I know is that he is not worth that kind of money IMO. None of them are but whatever.
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