News: Sad for Dez Bryant

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by America's Cowboy, May 3, 2022.

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  2. Cmac

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    Became a Fall Guy and JJ dumped him late in free agency........should have been like Noah Brown, don't say anything, and don't do anything.....and he'd probably would have lasted longer on the team. QB, JG, and OC fix things by getting rid of people, instead of looking in the mirror and at film of their own play/play-calling/execution. Dez is done on the field.
  3. Pantone282C

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    It is. The mind is willing...
    but the body has short shelf life.
  4. DuncanIso

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    his body looks to be in great shape. And his hands can catch anything.

    But he’s lost a step. The broken leg and the ACH tear ruined his career.

    And that sucks.

    there is room for him though. He should look at being a coach.
  5. Pantone282C

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    He could coach some guys up.
  6. plymkr

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    I worry about him financially. I hope he saved some of his money that he made. I'd like to see him working as a commentator or as a guest on talk shows ala Michael Irvin. It would be rough on the emotions going from an NFL player to irrelevancy in such a short time. I hope things are well for him.
  7. rags747

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    Hopefully Dez has a boatload of money, he should. Good thing Dez is not a boxer, he would be on his way to Palookaville.
  8. MyFairLady

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    Ugggh maybe he should have caught that ball.
  9. LittleD

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    He's been funding his large household entourage for years and at some point the money well runs dry. Just take a look at the history of TO.
  10. Ranching

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    Always liked Dez.....Garrett couldn't handle the truth and JJ chose him over Dez......
  11. Ranched

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  12. MarcusRock

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    You're such a jealous ninny when it comes to players and money, aren't you? Don't forget to pay your light bill, lol.
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  13. atlantacowboy

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    He is a moron. He had an opportunity to extend his career with the Ravens but his ego was greater than his talent. ..... still is.
  14. Doomsday101

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    Dez is washed up, no one out there is looking to bring him in which is why Dallas released him to begin with his game had dropped off in large part because of injury. You guys can spin it all you want, it was Garrett, it was jerry and yet the facts are no one is out there looking to sign him.
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  15. WTtoolman

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    Agreed. If Aqib Talib can get a job commentating, anybody can.
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  16. INCowboysFan

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    What's he going to do? Teach guys the finer points of route running? :lmao:
  17. Jarntt

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    Dez was slow, couldn't get open and just not good at all when we cut ties with him and that was like 5 years ago? Let it go dude. You aren't making an NFL team
  18. WoodysGirl

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    All things being equal, Dez seems to be quite fine financially.. Not sure of the concern there.
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  19. G2

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    Why would you want him as a mentor? He should tryout for USFL, I bet he could still play there.
  20. RS12

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    Wasn't he the one with the pet monkey?
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