News: Sad for Dez Bryant

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by America's Cowboy, May 3, 2022.

  1. 805BoysInBlue

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    Dez will be boxing Jake Paul soon just watch
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  2. KJJ

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    It’s gotten so sad for Dez that he was actually meeting up with fans that challenged him they could cover him. At least that’s what I heard.
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  3. SexyDexy52

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    USFL could use him! Also, I just saw a YouTube video of TO catching a pass from Johnny Manziel for the Zapps in the indoor league? They are getting paid to play football. Not as much as the NFL, but Dez sure as heck could get paid to play on one of those teams too.
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  4. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    Father Time is still underfeated.
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  5. conner01

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    I read that
    Half would have went to taxes but these guys live like the money will keep rolling in. I don’t know how Dez lives but I would expect more money left at this point
    I mean you could have a nice yearly income just from the interest on 20 mil and have a home paid for with the rest
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  6. Bob-Lillys-War

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    I thought Dez retired, then came back and got injured ,

    he is too passionate. Likely teams are a little nervous to add him to the team
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  7. john van brocklin

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    Good Point!
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  8. Cowpolk

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    It was a catch
  9. MarcusRock

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    In all of our dreams, yes. Yes he did. Lol.
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  10. plymkr

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    Lol, yeah. Then animal control took it away or something. I hope Dez is doing good. He seems like the type that needs structure in his life. Football gave him that. I'm hoping he found structure somewhere else after his playing days. It'd he cool to see him as a commentator or something in the public eye so we can see him thriving post football career.
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  11. khiladi

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  12. plymkr

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    I wish the NFL had some type of payment plan to spread the income out for the lifetime of the players. I feel professional sports sets the athletes up to fail financially. You give a young person millions when they are too immature to know that's not going to be the norm. I worry about these guys after their playing days. If a person in their 20s is given millions of dollars they are going to attract parasites and con artists that don't care about them and try to get as much from them as they can. Some athletes are blessed with a good support system but others aren't and by the time they figure it out they can't make the money they used to. That 30 for 30 called "Broke" was pretty depressing.
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  13. PA Cowboy Fan

    PA Cowboy Fan Well-Known Member

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    I'll always have a soft spot for Dez. He was the scape goat for an incompetent offense.
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  14. kskboys

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    If everyone is sayin' it.........................
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  15. conner01

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    They provide all kinds of money management programs to help players
    I know some don’t have a support system to keep them focused on the fact that in the end this is a temp job. Many have hangers on that bleed them
    But you couldn’t really force an adult to set aside part of his money as much as that would help many, it would hurt others who invest and grow there wealth
    One thing that would really help but would require legislation, would be some tax differed savings where until they took the money out it’s not taxed. That would be a huge motivation to set aside some significant money
    It’s a complicated thing because some guys actually build a future on their own and having the money now helps them
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  16. GimmeTheBall!

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    Blimey! At his peak he was an aggressive, swaggering loudmouth millionaire athlete. He would have passed you by without even making contact.
    Feel sorry for him?
    No there are 3 billion other humans for whom I will reserve me pity.
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  17. plymkr

    plymkr Well-Known Member

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    I agree, good points. I know they couldn't or wouldn't do it but I wish the players didn't put themselves in compromising situations. Like KJ is one that scares me. Let's say he doesn't any legal problems, he obviously has a decision making problem with his friends. Those guys most likely won't be his friend when the money dries up and KJ will be broke and won't be able to make the money he's making now.
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  18. GimmeTheBall!

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    This iz the bisness we've chosen!
    I didn't ask who gave the order because it had nothing to do with bisness!

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  19. Ranching

    Ranching Benched

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    You can't blame anyone for turning down a job where they may not be least, not one that doesn't need the money. I bet you squealed every time that, so called, moron through up the X.
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  20. DuncanIso

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    The ACH tear robbed him of his speed.

    many NFL careers are over after an injury like that.

    give him credit for the hard work he’s obviously put in.
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