Sad Panthers

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Yobwocs, Oct 3, 2021.

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    They seem to be very...very good sports so I'm not going to dig at them too much.

    I remember going to a game in Arrowhead where Dallas lost and I felt lucky to get out alive. I was wearing a Super Bowl XXX jacket in the 90's and almost had it ripped off.

    I have been, over 30 plus years to enough games in Dallas to know if you are the visiting loser, your worst risk if you're not a jerk is to get fed a lot of beer and BBQ.

    So, I'm going to count Panthers as good people, not Eagles "Knife you in the lot" types.

    I wish them luck till we beat them again in the postseason.
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    Who gives a flip what Panthers fans think? They got spanked. Period.
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    they've just resorted to posting pics of romo on the ground and how they ended his season. oh and of course the fumble that wasn't being the reason we stomped a mudhole in them in the third quarter of course. just a pathetic display
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    nah. there was a missed call, but that's how the rule works unfortunately. and it wasn't a touchdown, they had opportunity to prevent it and didn't. and lastly, they were "gifted a td" when they were rewarded 15 yards after kazee cleanly destroyed one of their receivers.
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    i got banned pretty quickly lol
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    Turkeys painted green
  7. Nexx

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    ive read a few. they are all hanging their hats on the 8 point difference as "keeping it close". most educated football viewers know that it wasn't that close and that the cowboys dominated in the second half.
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    HA! I need to check it out after they've had a night to sleep off the booze.

    They're probably salty with hangovers.

    As I said, last night they seemed to be pretty classy in the loss.
  9. BotchedLobotomy

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    I just read somewhere that most fans have no clue what they're talking about. I agree............
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    Yeah the sports radio talk around here outside of Charlotte is brutal.

    To these people, the Cowboys had nothing to do with the win. It was all just horrible officiating. 2015 proved how delusional they are although they did have a good team that year. Coming out 3-0 against the weak sauce of the league has prompted almost all of them out from under their rocks.

    The reason we ran the ball like we did was because their elite defensive line was hooked up with our offensive linemen and being held. That was the most mentioned reason. Just pure delusion.

    We all know the Bucs will win that division. If they do get a wild card, I hope they come back to Dallas. It's almost getting to be half as bad as Eagles' fans. Almost that is....
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  11. CT Dal Fan

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    Zeke had more rushing yards (143 of Dallas' 245) against the Panthers than they had given up in three previous games total (135).

    Carolina, you have been exposed. Have a nice day.
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    +90% of those guys are delusional. Their game predictions were ridiculous lol Now they’re all crying about how refs always favor the Cowboys while ignoring the fact that we haven’t done squat in the playoffs for decades.
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  13. Mr_V

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    Crying like little babies as they are delusional saying it was only a 1 score game. Blaming the Refs, and complaining we were holding all day. Meanwhile they don’t mention penalties on them and a gift TD that was aided by a bull**** targeting penalty on Kasee. Blaming loss on missing players in their lineup. Lol don’t mention how may of our players were out!!!
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    Hey Carolina welcome to the real world.
  15. Doomsday101

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    I'm hoping for some happy Panthers next sunday as they take on Philly. I hope to see that top ranked defense put the hurt on Hurts and the Eagles
  16. pugilist

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    The absolutely massive amount of whining and crying about the officiating is hilarious. They think a flag should’ve been thrown against Dallas on every play.

    outside of the Schultz forward progress call, it was pretty clean.
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    Lmao sure….
  18. Big_D

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    horrible officiating both ways! But that’s really nothing new in the nfl.
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    Here is a link to the game thread on a Panthers forum. However, I would avoid going to it. I made the mistake of reading it last night to see how they were reacting during the game. Every other post was a complaint about the refs not calling holding penalties on our OLine. Every run we slammed them on they claimed we were holding and the refs were cheating for us. If there was a positive thing posted about the Cowboys then the other Panthers fans commenced to beating down that poster. Basically 3 hours of posters giving all of the credit for the win to the referees. A bunch of whiners. I could see whining about the 1 fumble that they weren't able to review but whining about all of the phantom holding calls over and over just gets annoying.
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