(Sarcasm) I saw no drop off tonight from Dalton

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by AmariChill, Oct 19, 2020.

  1. AmariChill

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    Dak played with this exact same offensive line, minus Martin vs Seattle and in the first half of the Giants game. He played better than this. The offensive line is no excuse.

    Also, when Arizona’s defense got soft, why didn’t Dalton score any “garbage” points? Why did he throw an interception? Does that mean that maybe the term “garbage points” are a load of bull, or does that mean Dalton just isn’t as good as Dak? Please answer this question for me.

    Also: I’ve heard here that the receivers make Dak. Why did they not play as well for Dalton as they did for Dak if this were true? I’m not trying to make Dak out to be Mahomes or Wilson, but I’m also saying that maybe, just maybe, he’s better than a lot of people here think. Just my opinion. We probably would’ve lost with Dak here tonight. But we also wouldn’t have been blown out to the highest of heavens like we were tonight.

    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

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    Where are those 20+ yard passes to completions that Dak couldn't make, but Dalton could?
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  3. bsbellomy

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    So you play NFL games to almost win? We just need a complete overhaul. We've been burned on every big contract we've given out and until this culture changes we will continue to do so.
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  4. Aviano90

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    Dalton was going to open up running lanes for Zeke to run wild and he was going to unleash the full potential of Gallop. I read it here.
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  5. Yoshimitsu

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    Dalton cant even go through his progressions as fast as Dak.
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  6. streetcredit

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    But they'll end the season with same record as with Dak
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  7. CowboyWay

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    Did we win? I’ve been sniffing glue in my garage.
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  8. Dorsett33

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    Lol...this is all funny. I don't miss Garrett at all, but this coaching staff is not it. I still believe in the players we have...most of them. We still need a stout DT and a set of Safeties. On O, we need to get this line together. It may be time to start looking for Ty Smith's replacement. Everyone else, I think will be fine. Give Dak his money. Draft defense, defense, o-line and then more defense.
  9. AmericanCowboy

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    this was the most concerning part. He couldn’t go from one read to the next at all
  10. AmariChill

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    You really think so? I mean, at least Dak somewhat keeps us in games. We came back into the game with Seattle AND Cleveland. Rams too. Dak brought us back into EVERY game this season. He could've done the same tonight, but all I know is, Dalton didn't. Just saying.

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