Scenario: McCarthy takes Dallas back to the playoffs next year

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by D4KADON, Jun 26, 2022.

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    But loses in the first round but it’s clear the cowboys overachieved and did not have as much talent in 2021. However they get in the tournament due to good coaching by


    Would you bring him(McCarthy) back?
  2. Hadenough

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    Thats kind of tough call because this team is very talented. Over achieving for them would be a SB. McCarthy has to make it to the NFC championship game to stay.
  3. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    Years ago when Jerry used to fire HC's after three years. I couldn't help but think this team is going to stink for years to come. Because you're changing out philosophies when you change out head coaches. So I came to the conclusion that every HC should be given at least 6 years.

    They're going in the right direction defensively. Would hate to see McCarthy leave without completing our defensive transformation. He should be given his six years to see what happens. Besides who's available that's better than McCarthy?

    So the answer to the question is...Yes. Jerry is finally listening to the head coach and everybody seems to be on board with building a better defense.
  4. ghst187

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    Only if Sean Payton isn’t interested…and Quinn isn’t interested in leaving for a HC position elsewhere. I’d move Quinn to HC before I’d let him go.
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  5. thunderpimp91

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    Getting into a 7 team per conference playoff with what is still possibly the worst division in football (but moving up) is a stretch to think that will in any way be viewed as an overachievement. I guess if we lose a Dak or Parsons for an extended period I could see that.

    Regardless I would prioritize bringing back Dan Quinn over McCarthy for 2023, unless this defense just flops this year. I dont see a scenario where a first-round playoff loss (again) secures McCarthys job. His overall body of work in Dallas will be viewed as an underachievement.
  6. basel90

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    if the cowboys make it to the playoffs this coming season , it means something good has happened, either great coaching , on defense or offense or both, or a few players ahave actually achieved or overchieved especially on offense. I don't see enough talent on the offense especially , given what teams the cowboys are facing and dak being as inconsistent , and the running game being bogged down with zeke.
  7. acr731

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    I would be surprised if Payton came to Dallas because I don't think he has any desire to be Jerry's next puppet.

    Barring a dismal losing season MM will be back.

    He is? Then why is MM still stuck with KM as his OC?
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  8. basel90

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    you see too optimistic that jerry would make such a call. i think jerry will sell a playoff appearance or one playoff win as a great acheivement.
    if jerry was serious about a SB team , he would have not signed a lot of the overpaid players on the roster when we already know they are mediocre. mainly zeke , dak and Dlaw .
  9. KJJ

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    I see no scenario where the Cowboys either miss the playoffs or go one and done and McCarthy returns. Even if the Cowboys win a playoff game and lose the following week he could still be fired. Despite the player losses the Joneses still have the bar set high for this season. It may not be Super Bowl or bust for McCarthy but it’s close. I think it’s a pretty safe bet he has to get past the divisional round to save his job.
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  10. Cowfan75

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    Since Jerry only stays "mad" about a lost season for about 12 hours, I'd say it's likely everyone comes back. I get no sense of urgency or, honestly, any emotion at all from the FO for this upcoming season. MM is mostly well-behaved, Moore is Garrett 2.0, and Quinn is actually good at his job. Why would Jerry rock the boat if his bar is fixed at being competitive in the NFC East and nothing more? I think it would take a complete collapse to bring a change.
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  11. john van brocklin

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    Honestly, I don't know what HC would make a difference with the current GM.
  12. basel90

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    agree,. i also think not making the playoff can probably still bring MM back unless Sean Payton is available at a good price. Jerry will come up with a reason for the lack of playoff, young team , injuries, etc etc.
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  13. Kingofholland

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    I would think McCarthy gets the x and Quinn gets promoted.
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  14. CWR

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    If they go back to the playoffs again it will likely have a lot to do with Quinns defense. Consequently, there will be hc opportunities for him, again. We may reach the point where we either promote him or lose him. If MM can't get past the first round it's going to be hard justifying keeping him, only to lose Quinn.
  15. Adreme

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    They are not that talented though. On offense they have 2 good OLine players, a good QB, a decent TE, a pair of above average RBs, and 2 number WRs with a bunch of 4s after. On defense you have 1 good player at each level and a lot of, charitably, poor talent who will see significant play time.

    The team has some top end talent, but every single team does. What this team lacks is good starters to augment that talent, because Cowboys drafts are either all pro or bust with basically no in between.
  16. Risen Star

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    Only if he agrees to regain any weight he's lost.
  17. Bullflop

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    Much depends upon what Mike McCarthy can do as our HC this year, in terms of welcoming him back. He'll be dutifully obliged to successfully lessen so many of those red flags we earned last year. If he manages that, I'd gladly lay out a red carpet for his return. Good luck with such a needy task! ;)
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  18. Tangle_Foot

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    :mad: no gas, no squeegee!

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  19. Hadenough

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    The problem is they let the in between players walk when it comes time to pay them. But thats the league and the salary cap. With Dak now being a big part of the cap its always going to be pay the stars and hope you can draft well. Thats where coaching comes in.
  20. Pass2Run

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    It's a tough call for me. I could see them offering Kellen Moore the HC job as well. Same goes for Quinn.

    I like all three coaches. But I can see McCarthy staying or going.

    All the teams with good QBs have coaches with longevity.

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