News: SDFW: Dallas Cowboys: Are jersey number changes fair to the kids?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reality, May 29, 2021.

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  2. cowboyec

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    Micah Parsons.
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  3. Maxmadden

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    I say no, but they will get over it. They will just learn not to fork over money for a jersey, buy a video game instead.
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  4. Runwildboys

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    Yeah, it sucks if you buy a jersey and the player changes his number, but people wear outdated jerseys all the time, including jerseys of players who aren't even in the league anymore. If folks can still wear a #9 Romo jersey, I think it's perfectly fine to wear a #54 Smith jersey.

    What would suck is if you got rid of that #54 Smith jersey and the next player to get #54 was also a Smith.
  5. cowboyec

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    i love out-dated jerseys.
    i have a closet full.
    i love you ebay.

    you will put your out-dated #54 Smith jersey on ebay...and you will accept my low ball offer which is usually $5 - $10 under your asking price...and we'll both be happy.
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  6. DeathMonkey

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    It'll teach them to only wear jerseys of GOOD players. :laugh:
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    I love Styx! I grew up on their music, and I'll be seeing them on June 25. Seen them and Dennis loads of times. Great way to get back to concerts after COVID. My last concert before COVID was Dennis.
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  8. Furboy

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    Is that your honest offer?
  9. sunalsorises

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    Seeing how Jaylon had to spend $500K buying up his jerseys I’d say not too many people bought the 54 Smith jersey.
  10. ESisback

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    While there are numbers that mean something to me personally(12, 22, 74, 33, 88, 8, etc.), I really don’t care who wears what. Of course, if a Cowboy ran on the field with “He Hate Me” or “Hot Boyz” on the back, I’d chuck my beverage through the TV screen...

    Honestly, while I have tons of hats, shirts, cups, posters, blankets, keychains and other swag items, I don’t currently possess a single jersey.
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  11. big dog cowboy

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    Sorry folks.

    The NFL wanting to make more money > The best interest of the kids

    Hard cold reality right there.
  12. JoeKing

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    The #54 Smith jersey is > the #9 Smith jersey. He was a better player in 2018 when he wore #54. If I had a #54 jersey I'd just keep on wearing it. That makes a statement.
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  13. fivetwos

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    Thinking on it further....I wonder if the league didn't outsmart itself with this move.

    People may be hesitant to buy jerseys when they know a player can easily change at any point.

    Jaylon may have had to reimburse the TEAM for stock, but is he paying back all the suckers that bought 54?

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  14. Diehardblues

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    Hopefully fans will start buying less jerseys . Send a message .
  15. cowboyec

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    is it a 3x??
    or a 4x??

    if it is....yes.
    i honestly will submit a low ball offer $5 - $10 bellow what you are asking.
    and you will gladly accept it.
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  16. cowboyec

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    we had a good thing going back there.
    Jaylon in 54...LVE in 55.
    a reminder of that glorious time when Howley and Lee Roy patroled.
    Parsons should have picked 56.
    he will fulfill the legacy of what Hollywood Henderson should have been over a longer period.

    but i don't mind the change.
    and Parsons..."Styk"...will rock 11.
    now...LvE needs to do his part and switch to 10.
    he's there any way with 55...(5+5=10)...come on it.
    be cool to see our starting LBs wearing 9...10...11.
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  17. Big_D

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    You live you learn. I never buy jerseys anymore. At the rate players come and go, it’s already a waste even before this new rule.
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  18. Techsass

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    Since when have we been expected to treat kids fairly?
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  19. Hoofbite

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    As my uncle once told me as I complaining about something not being fair.

    "Nobody ever promised you a fair life, and if they did, they lied to you".
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  20. thunderpimp91

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    How many players actually changed numbers? Trades/free agency are 10x the issue this is when it comes to jersey sales.
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