News: SDFW: Dallas Cowboys: WR Randall Cobb too costly to re-sign

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reality, Feb 14, 2020 at 10:01 AM.

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    Dallas Cowboys: WR Randall Cobb too costly to re-sign


    Given the depth of the WR position in the upcoming draft, re-signing veteran Randall Cobb may prove to be too costly for the Dallas Cowboys We've finally...

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  2. stasheroo

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    At "$7 million" he's quoting as fact here? Yeah, I'd be 'out' too. But I would dispute that as his asking or getting price. If he does? More power to him, thanks for everything!

    But I'd keep him for the bargain rate that we got in 2019. It comes down to cost.
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  3. big dog cowboy

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    I'd really like to keep Cobb. $7M sounds high. Might be time to see what Cedrick Wilson and Noah Brown can do.
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  4. CATCH17

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    I’d like to keep Cobb if there is actually a real transition to McCarthy’s offense.

    If they are just going to do the same stuff they did last year then I’m fine letting him go.

    He is replaceable.
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  5. Future

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    Why any team would give him $7m is beyond me.
  6. cowboyblue22

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    wow the cowboys have all this cap room and they are not going to be able to sign anybody according to most talking heads
  7. Proof

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    I mean they have all this cap room because there are looming mega deals and half the team is free agents lol
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  8. iceberg

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    they didn't last year. while he had a good year for us, it wasn't a $7 million year.
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  9. LittleD

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    Of course, Dez can be had for vet minimum plus incentives. That is the way Stephen rolls .
  10. cowboy_ron

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    When are you guys going to let this Dez fiasco go? He's gone....he hasn't gotten any better sitting on the couch the last two years.

    He runs like a sloth, has glass hands, and clumsy as all get out.....if he had anything to offer some team would've taken a flyer on him but they haven't....and won't.
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  11. Dallasfann

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    Get used to it. There is a guy on our team seeking the biggest contract in NFL history. We are gonna be losing a lot of talent to free agency over the next decade. We better all start hoping our QB become the best in the world. SB's are hard to win. You need the best QB or the best team. We are gonna go for the best QB route.
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  12. aikemirv

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    Well if you don't get Amari done then Dak is going to have a tough year without the both of them! You better keep one of those 2 or you are going to struggle!
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  13. Bowdown27

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    I like Cobb. If they feel he can play better in McCarthy offense then 7 million isn’t bad but I do feel this draft is deep with wideouts. Can get a gem that drops.
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  14. ondaedg

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    Please enlighten us with this biggest contract in NFL history that you seem to have the inside scoop on.

  15. jazzcat22

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    We still have Devin Smith for 1 more year. Why they stopped using him, is crazy. But then again, it was Garrett and the lame coaching / coaches.
    I like Cobb, and if he stays for what he did last year, which I believe was $5 million, I will be fine, but $7 million, not so sure.
  16. jazzcat22

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    I believe it was $5 million, same for Austin.
  17. ColoCowboy

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    I would really like to see Smith earn much more playing time. I am not against re-signing Cobb, if reasonable. I just think Smith has more to offer than we've seen so far.
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  18. Dallasfann

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    The most any player in NFL history has ever been paid per season is $35 million a year. ( Russel Wilson, Roethlisburger ) Our QB has reportedly turned down 33 mill per. You do the math bubs.
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  19. TexasHillbilly

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    I saw Cobb make a lot of plays as compared to Austin. I can't believe we paid that much money for Austin. Imho, he was not even close to worth it.
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  20. ondaedg

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    So you don't really have much of an inside scoop or know why they turned down the $33 mil. :thumbup:

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