News: SDFW: Tyron Smith should be exempt from all Dallas Cowboys practices

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reality, Jun 28, 2022.

  1. SteveTheCowboy

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    Yeah...I hear ya. Can;t say I can object to hard about it.

    Not sure I agree with "up to speed" DURING real game play......I'm in the crowd of carefully controlled practice...AND easing into the season. I suppose it doesn't hurt to have the backup with plenty of reps, right?
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  2. SteveTheCowboy

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    I was being a bit facetious. Of course pro athletes have regular workouts ...not always bashing shoulder pads.

    Just not sure about getting shoulder pads bashed right at the start of the real game time. Seems to me that's just as prone to injury...maybe more so.

    End of the day we all just hope for good health no matter what.
  3. john van brocklin

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    :thumbup:1000% Agree...
  4. Typhus

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    Tyron will get his needed reps my friend, I give that the 1000 percent golden guarantee.
  5. CowboyRoy

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    Yah, its an issue. Thats why the Oline fix isnt a one year thing. The fast track is that Tyler Smith is the real deal and moves over to LT next year and is a good one. Tyron is gone. So now you have a hole at Guard. Easier position to fill. For me I would love to see them draft a stud Center in the first or 2nd, and then go into FA and sign a good veteran guard. Then its done next offseason.

    Or if Biadasz steps up, then you just have to either draft a guard in the first or sign a good veteran.
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  6. Bates

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    he’s going into his 11th season or something like that. He’s been through boot camp damn near a dozen times. Plenty of vets have limited participation. He’s a pro who keeps in top shape and the coaches are pros. They should be able to figure out a way to limit his exposure to injury while getting the things done he needs to get done.
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  7. Bobhaze

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    I love Ty Smith but he’s no longer that reliable health wise. He hasn’t played a full season since 2015 and has missed 32 games the last 5 seasons. The first ability an NFL player must have is reliability and Ty Smit( no longer has that.

    Obviously the biggest reason the Cowboys drafted Tyler Smith was for a combo of instant help at LG and possible insurance against Tyron Smith missing his usual bevy of games.
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  8. nate dizzle

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    I hear you, I just am not ready to be giving up on Smith. He's still relatively young at 31, he's arguably pretty much the best LT in the league when he plays, and he isn't even in the top 15 for salary for LT's. To me he's a bargain that you keep around as a luxury that gives your line a huge boost when he's healthy, and a great role model for a guy like Smith to learn from. I guess what I'm saying is I'd rather keep him for the 10-12 games we have him available than have him playing those 10-12 games somewhere else.
  9. SteveTheCowboy

    SteveTheCowboy Well-Known Member

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    That's kinda my feelings exactly. I guess I am not sure what "SHOULD be exempt from "practice""...really means.

    I think limited and carefully managed practice is just as important as carefully manged game time.
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  10. blueblood70

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    Not all but some sure he still needs to get in game shape..they manage the vets pretty ell pretty much participate fully in half the practices rest some days use others for treatment like cold and hot soaks and massages(legal professional type plus some yoga lol) ,not new news or new concepts..
  11. buybuydandavis

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    And a ton of experience.

    More need of rest, less need of reps. Play him enough in camp to get him into game shape so he's ready for the season. Doesn't have to go from 0 to 100% instantly.

    But no more wear and tear than to *prevent* injury at full speed.
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  12. Dak_Attack_09

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    He hasn’t proved anything in past 5 years besides living of his past name.
  13. Hadenough

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    Tyron Smith should be given rest during games where the Cowboys are throttling the other NFC east teams. So should Parsons and other important players. No sense in running these guys into the ground.
  14. Typhus

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    Would love to hear your suggestion/solution @LT.
  15. Typhus

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    Will gladly find roster space for a 60 percent starting caliber LT in this league.
    There is room for Tyron, but residents are slowly being introduced.
    Just saying its very difficult to get rid of TS, if you do not have depth ready to obtain that role.
    Starting caliber LTs are a very rare commodity.
  16. Typhus

    Typhus Captain Catfish

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    Agree on resting your elder still highly valuable vets like TS, but you must let your young pups run and develop their game and team identity.
    With players like Tyron, you already know everything about the player and what he can offer, so you rest your guys in that classification.
    Run your young talent hard, you might only have them for a very short time, so extract everything you can, make them sweat.
    They play and show their best game when maxed out.
    Look at how much we know about our young stud Parsons, we ran him like a track horse and he just wants more.
    I love players like Parsons that understand how the game was once upon a time played.
    Damn young LT right there.... lol
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  17. zrinkill

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    What another incredible post ..... bravo young man :clap:
  18. jnday

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    Tyron is in a bad situation. If he doesn’t practice, he will not play at the level that he has played during his career. I know that I am just another guy that played football when I was younger. I played LT /RT for about 10 years when I was young along with filling in at LG/RG. Without contact in those practices, he can’t play at his best. Part of being an offensive linemen requires practice with contact. Walk-throughs don’t help at all. It doesn’t matter how good Tyron has played in the past. Without the much needed physical contact in practice, he can’t play at his best. To play OL at a top level, physical contact is a must. They could shorten the amount of time he participates with contact and maybe he is good enough to miss a lot of contact drills, but there is no substitute for practicing in full contact, especially for OL. Practicing the physical contact is a must IMO to play at his best. Those Sunday games are not flag football. Tyron’s time at the top is coming soon. Skipping the physical practices is not going to help much.
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  19. Captain-Crash

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    no contact, then run him until he can't stand up. sheesh.
  20. Coogiguy03

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    Gets that now, still gets hurt often. I guess they should say he needs some GAMES off

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