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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mannix, Apr 1, 2022.

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    [​IMG]Jerry and Stevie. Neither is a savory option at this point. Its like choosing between a crap sandwich with all the fixins or a Crap sandwich dry. The 1 thing that may save us is Will spite of THEM.
  2. Cowfan75

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    I don't know if Stephen is smart or stupid, but I know he doesn't care about winning a Super Bowl.
  3. plymkr

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    That's the very definition of a dysfunctional organization.
  4. plymkr

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    Nice. Simple and to the point.
  5. Bullflop

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    When it comes to contract negotiating, both Jerry and Stephen are the worst pair possible to handle that endeavor. Add to that the problem that their talent evaluating abilities forever linger at rock-bottom level. If it weren't for Will McClay handling talent evaluation, it'd be pure disaster. Jerry as a GM is more of a joke than a credible fact. To top it off, Stephen is even worse. Sorry to say so, but calling it devastating might well be an understatement. :rolleyes:
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  6. zrinkill

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    Stephan sees this as a business and will do anything to keep cost down ....... They have never had to worry about profits because the Cowboys cannot lose money because of its incomparable fan base ........... He knows that profits will keep going up no matter what.

    Paying to win is someone else's obsession ....... Making money is his.
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  7. Scotman

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    When Jerry finally retires, is there any chance that Stephen steps back and hires McClay or someone else as a real GM? Any chance? Like, just a tiny little chance? Please?
  8. DonaldM

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    Bfd. My dad is a chemical engineer. And he would suck running a pro football team. He can do algebra but can't pick up hot girls like Jethro.
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  9. RustyBourneHorse

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    If that's the case, then, when he's owner, I hope he will get top of the line coaches, let the coaches be GM, and stay out of their way.
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  10. X550i

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    It’s a SJ conservative trait that is inherent. Ok to have some in your organization but not the the top guy.

    Companies that grow and win are when the CEO is sales and growth focused. They are innovative, visionary, charismatic, and risk takers.

    Companies that plateau, yet still profitability, but will never be the dominant in their field are run by CFO’s like SJ.

    The SJ of the world should never be CEO if they want to be number one in their industry.

    People like Steve Jobs were never penny pinchers.
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  11. morasp

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    Chemical Engineering is the hard engineering. Organic Chemistry was a weed out class for those guys so he's definitely smart. I like that an analytical approach but it requires good information. They seem to have a pretty good group in that regard.
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  12. FiveSuperBowls

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    Yes, but there is a reason Stephen majored in Chemical Engineering, they are in high demand in the oil and gas industry, so, he was raised to run the family business, but has stumbled into football, just like daddy.
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  13. nyc-cowboy

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    Well thats make 2 horrible choices Jerry has made for GM of the Dallas Cowboys.

    Rich insecure men and their egos...sad...
  14. morasp

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    Engineers are pretty good at figuring things out, they know how to learn.
  15. jazzcat22

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    And all of that on the offensive side is Moore's fault.
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  16. SinceDayOne

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    Who knows what is going on in Jerry's and Steve's minds? Their football management approach changes and evolves I am sure. Sometime from season to season. Other times even more often; sometimes less often. But I do know what they have tried for almost the past three decades has not worked. I call them the blind "football hogs" searching for that one lone acorn. It sure seems that way to me.
  17. shabazz

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    A conservative would have made smarter decisions
  18. DonaldM

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    We need more translators. I can't understand Russian or the translation. Like Mike Tyson is the translator. Sheesh
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  19. d_cowboy31

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    I would definitely argue this lol
  20. Clove

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    2 things.

    1. He's not a risk taker at any level in football.
    2. He doesn't know what it takes to build a winning franchise - I.E., a QB/Excellent coach. If he knew how, he'd have drafted a 1st round QB long ago, and went out and hired the best coach on the market.
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