Twitter: Should Philbin be on hot seat?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BAT, May 2, 2022.

  1. CowboyoWales

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    What talent??? The O-Line started falling apart and continued when Tyron got injured, It meant that Steele moved to LT (no, no, no). When Tyron came back, he still carried the injury which affected the inside pressure on Williams and Biadasz.

    Philbin may well/(did) have starter talent, but no cover and a line is only as good as it's weak spots (unless your veterans are on top of their game and can help out).

    I think the FO have been fair with Philbin, got rid of the players he didnt want (CW and poss La'el) and gave him a draft of young players, players he wants and presumably he can develop.

    Whilst LG is an issue, our real concern is who can play LT when Tyron gets injured......Philbin's job will be to develop: Ball and Tyler and (further down the line Waletzo).

    Have a feeling that we'll look to at least one veteran O-Lineman in free agency.

    Unfair to totally dismiss Philbin when his bench was inadequate....he's got his picks, now go to work and we'll judge him on his ability (with the players he wants).
  2. Ekspozed

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    I don't think people really watch other people's centers in the NFL.

    Listening to our fans, he's the worst. Compared to the other centers in the NFL, he's about in the middle.
  3. CWR

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    You put Zach Martin, Tyron Smith and LC on any line and I expect a serviceable run game.

    He did remarkably well with less talent the year before.

    I'm not a believer, but will hope for the best.

    I also didn't like moving Steele when he was doing so well beforehand. We had injuries but some of the musical chairs on the oline seemed over the top and unproductive. I'd have kept Steele where he was and put LC at guard.
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  4. Floatyworm

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    Guy gets way too much credit for Green Bay...he only coached the Line for 1 year.
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  5. Adiba1977

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    How can your ol coach be a skinny guy? Serious ?
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  6. BermyStar

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    He should be on the streets
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  7. Mannix

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    I was shocked that he was not let go after last season....then I remembered what organization it was.
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  8. RonnieT24

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    I shall respectfully disagree here. Who here can forget how bad the line played during the time (2018?) when Paul Alexander was here. Then the Cowboys fired him on the bye week and elevated Columbo and were back to doin what they do. Coaching matters.
  9. Sandyf

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    Not to defend him but he has done a good job with Steele and Biadasz although he had to based on the injuries over the last two years. For the line to be successful this year Tyron Smith has to stay healthy because there are to many unknowns with the others in Ball, Tyler Smith and Matt W. If Tyron gets injuried or his back problems crop up, it could be a long, long year.

    Even if they had to move Tyler S to LT, it still leaves a glaring hole at LG that would have to be filled by someone. Best hope would be moving Steele to LG and starting Matt W. at RT and going into the season with two rookie tackles is well nothing more than a wing and a prayer. The OL still isn't fixed until we see how it plays out and we probably go with a high draft pick next year on the OL as Tyron only has two years left on his contract. A bit nervous right now.
  10. LittleD

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    McFatty, Kellen Moore and Philbin all need to be on the hot seat with bus ticket in hand.
  11. CowboyoWales

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    Thats confusing as he had to exact musical chairs due to Tyron's injury (and probably wasn't 100% on his return)....moving La'el to Guard wouldn't have resolved the issue, which was how to overcome the loss of an All-Pro LT.
  12. quickccc

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    Of course Philibin is on the hot seat ,.as he should be … . just as his HC is also on the hot seat.

    - Whatever at the top that they brought in thru McCarthy, has been more on the spot light and been in question.
    First off with former DC mike Nolan, …then in DL coach Jim Tomsula,… and now it’s gonna come down to his long time buddy Philibn

    - While some credit Philibin for improved development of Steele, he also is being criticized for the non development of ex-3rd round pick Conner McGovern, the
    other Williams never improved Into a more impact player,

    - There remains some questions with the starting center, which we have to ask if he can handle the brute 3-4 NT by himself, or does he constantly have to be helped by OGs
    Has he improved the wild shotgun snaps ? Are the Cowboys cool and content with average- decent starting center play ?

    - Under Philibin, overall the OL did not perform well, whether vs run or the pass,
    too often Dak had to hurry the ball to avoid hits and sacks, and too often our backs were hit in the backfield.

    - This OL unit may be more suited and more effective for man power blocking instead of zone blocking. But McCarthy- Philibin wants this to be built off the Packers style of
    OL and zone play, block in an area, trapping, pulling.. (holding?) That’s why I’m more for Mike Munchak or heck even a return to Marc Columbo
    as OL coaches and power blocking under this OL personnel. .

    - But that would also mean an entirely different HC and OL coach overhaul. (Payton ?.... Quinn?)
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  13. visionary

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    Philbin should have to stand

    No seat
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  14. Acceptablename

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    Fans included
  15. glimmerman

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    He should be gone. He is there because he is MM buddy. We would be better off and have more of a attitude if we had Colombo at least. But I don’t think he would come back after the way JJ let him go.
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  16. BAT

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    That's a Philbin trait.

    Ineffective to average running game.
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  17. America's Cowboy

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    That's very bad. Not what we're used to in Dallas. Everyone knows our rush has to be effective, so that falls on the Oline. Looks like Philbin needs to be replaced sooner rather than later.
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  18. nightrain

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    Yes. Along with everyone else.
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  19. calicowboy54

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    bring back Columbo
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  20. JayFord

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    Williams was an issue with penalties and McGovern just isn't physical enough ......Steele, Martin and Smith are good.....Collins was also good but the issue with collins was suspensions and injuries and him being good wasnt good enough he was on the track to being elite

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