Should the Dallas Cowboys Be Worried About Dak Prescott?

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by triplets_93, Oct 7, 2019 at 2:16 AM.

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    By the time Prescott pulled it together Sunday, it was too late. Dallas was down 24-0 midway through the third quarter before engineering its first points: a field goal with just over 20 minutes left in the game. Prescott didn't throw his first touchdown pass—a 40-yard touchdown to Michael Gallup—until the final two minutes of the third quarter.

    Down early, Prescott was forced to throw, which allowed him to pile up 463 yards passing but also saw him get picked three times. Prescott, throwing off his back foot, just tossed it up for grabs to Randall Cobb.

    I wouldn't make a move on Dak until the coach for America's Team is put in place.
    To be a top tier QB, mandates consistency, of the good kind.
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    Why isnt this posted in the fan zone forum? I totally agree with this!
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    The Cowboys should be worried about everyone.
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    over 400 yards of passing...

    why worry?

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