News: SI: Prescott: I was greedy

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, Dec 3, 2021.

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    That was not my intent at all.

    You used team records after 11 games as comparison of the two QB's. My intent was to point out that Dak has had the same or worse records after 11 games the majority of his career. The facts support that.

    I'm not kissing anyone's ***. Acknowledging the accomplishments of a young and up and coming QB is not kissing his ***.
    I'm a Cowboys fan and an NFL fan. I would love to see great QB's on every team in the league.

    Why do you make it personal?
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    I used that because Pippy said 10x and he often just refers to cowboys record as an indicator of success/failure....I used his standards of measure to have to understand pippy....
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    Here's the deal...
    I've seen Rodgers and TB dink and dunk teams to death. I've seen them throw all over the field as well. Why can't Dak figure this out?
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    Name a QB that does not play within a system.

    I'll wait
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    :laugh: Right?

    Earlier in the season. the anti-Dak crowd were all about "it's about Wins/Losses" with the QB and not stats. Now suddenly Dak has his team sitting at 8-4, yet, the "10x better QB" (where wins/losses are apparently the measuring stick) has his team at 6-5. The goal posts never stop moving to fit their narrative.
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    Is what he is... Above average.
  7. Section446

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    This becomes more true with every passing week.
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    But but but...he is such an unselfish leader we have been told. LOL
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    Oh. Now we're going with "system quarterback".

    HACK.......pitiful. Straight up spineless.
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    Even he knows better.

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    SI still exists ? Do they have that calendar issue still ?
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    watson mahomes wilson brady rodgers

    dak is the best non elite qb in the league though. I also didn’t rank lamar but when he’s on he’s the best player in football
  13. BobbyFlame469

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    that’s the only time he can get a deep pass off because teams don’t respect his arm talent and think 3rd and short is most likely not a deep pass
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    Okay so let me backtrack so I can understand this...

    A few weeks ago, even the haters were nearly ready to confess Dak was nearing elite status and he had proved them wrong...
    BUT- after we lose Cooper, Lamb, and have offensive line woes, zeke being hobbled, he is all of the sudden suspect again?

    People will never learn that this is a team sport.. If receivers aren't open and the running game isn't working, even guys like Brady and Drew Brees look awful, it's just simple facts. And it's also funny how guys like Rogers get credit for winning a game where they only score 16 points but the defense balled out... Total nut rolling idiocy..
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    Why is that a joke? Brady is the goat. He takes what's there and finds the open receiver. He's not afraid to throw a 5 yard pass and let his playmakers make plays when that's the best option. Knowing when to go for it and when to take the safe throw is what keeps drives alive. Dak doesn't have that skill yet.
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    What has Wilson done since getting paid? And what has Watson ever done?
  17. gp_cowpolk

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    Dandy Don is gone
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    Sounds like some coaches are barking in his ear and he is listening.
  19. blueblood70

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    on his not running, im assuming.? I bet hes checked out of a lot of runs as well, not taking the short stuff etc etc.

    that's been apparent, we all thought he was hurt now we know its his wanting to make the big play.
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    You have to realize that's @PAPPYDOG. He is a huge Dak hater. His posts are never football related. He has very minimal knowledge of football.n It's more TMZ than anything else. He is a well known village troll
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