Since 2012, Beasley ranks 55th in receiving yards

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Parcells4Life, Mar 6, 2019.

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    Well he has Dak throwing to him so.....
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    he will be judged & paid on the fact he was open on about 99.5% of all routes ran. His next team will probably get him between 80 - 110 catches per year. Factor in roughly 10 yards per and a slight uptick in TD's, lets say 6, and all of a sudden he will be a "breakout star". "Who coulda seen it coming?" they will ask.
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    Well his two best seasons were with Dak. Both receptions and yards. So there’s that.

    Also realize Cole Beasley averages 3 catches for 31 yards per game over his 7 year career. He’s classic JAG. IMO...way Overvalued by too many Cowboys fans.
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    Teams aren't just looking at the yards. He's a top 10 slot WR in football, and a good talent, one just I don't think you overpay in FA.

    We're a run first team, and need that money to extend our core talent moving forward. It's also a easily replaceable skill set.

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    Didnt we already have this thread?

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