SJ says team has filled enough holes to “not draft for need”

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, Apr 26, 2022.

  1. Trajan

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    Really not sure what team he is watching….I think McCarthy takes old tapes of the 92’ cowboys and shows them to Stephan as the current teams practice tapes……and Stephan believes him.
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  2. ConstantReboot

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    OMG Stephen is showing his true colors as a bonafide idiot.
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  3. Typhus

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    Que up Crazy train with Ozzy
  4. Typhus

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    Nope, I believe that they all eat expensive lunches and take really long naps and wake up and do the same thing over and over again.
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  5. RS12

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    I am sure he is basing this on his keen eyes for talent that has built numerous championship rosters over the last quarter century.
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  6. Typhus

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    Im surprised there isnt a BC Cowboys logo on merch yet.
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  7. Diehardblues

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    With the Dallas Cowboys first pick in the 2022 NFL draft they select Treylon Burks , WR Arkansas. Lol

  8. lk8701

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    LOL. True. Reminds me of Jerry's "I want a wow player" comment before drafting Felix Jones. Hopefully Burks works out better than Jones.
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  9. Walker

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    We are a worst team this year than we were last. Dam the standards are set so low for winning for the front office.
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  10. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    I would actually have no problem with this pick. It would still allow us to take RT Abraham Lucas in the 2nd. Then OG Marquis Hayes in the 3rd.

    But sadly enough Burks is not going to be there at 24.
  11. Plankton

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    Jerry: Dad gummit, I want me some glory-hole!!!!

    Stephen: Sorry, dad. We took care of that hole in free agency. No holes here.
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  12. ghst187

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    We will agree to disagree then…
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  13. dueyhemlock

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    Ah ha, so your taken an Olineman with that 1st pick ?


    hmmmm chief

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  14. MapleLeaf

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    It seems this week I have no other contribution to make to Cowboys than to tell people on twitter or in media sessions to shut the hell up.

    This stuff is not all.

    Why couldn't he just say, "We believe the draft is going to come to us."

    Something non-descript, boring, nothingness.
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  15. Brax

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    Another we are a championship team year from the village idiots,
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  16. Carson

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    Man Burks film is so hard to grade. You see the big plays, the high point catches and go WOW! Then you see lazy route running, rounding off his routes and allowing the defender to get back into position. Just a hard cat to figure out. I really like him in a team like Green Bay. Broaddus is saying some immaturity issues and being a project.

    He just screams Packer to me. Big body like Adams.

    Broaddus also reports Dallas loves Olave.
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  17. offlimits

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    SJ and all of the spawns... and later spawns of the spawns will be running Dallas Cowboys, Inc. when those of us posting on this page, will all be below the ground.
  18. OriginalNameGuy

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    We didn't watch the same o line I guess
  19. atlantacowboy

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    Well, technically, he has supplied a body at every spot on the field. We can line up 53 if we had to today. Technically, Jeremy Sprinkle had 3 catches last year. So, TE is good to go. We lost Amari Cooper, but James Washington might be good, and the last 4 seasons on a better coached team could be a fluke. No worries ar WR. We got Dak healthy and whose not excited about Steele starting at RT? Plus, we dodged a bullet on the bossman incident. No arrests!

    Between all that and the blockchain partnership announcement, we had a hell of an off season. Anyone we get in the draft is just gravy.
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  20. john van brocklin

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    All about the dough
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