Skip: "I don't have sympathy for (Dak) for going public about his depression."

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound131, Sep 10, 2020.

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  1. Bobhaze

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    It takes a lot more courage for a leader to admit he has a problem to overcome and is upfront about it, than to pretend they’re some false macho man who has a false face of bravado at all times. I prefer leaders who have the strength to be real than pretend to be a kind of strength that isn’t strong at all.
  2. 5Stars

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    I hate this thread! F.....! I hate it!!

    I came back from Vietnam after the 1968 Tet Offensive. I left being a young athlete in NM, I came back a broken 20 year old man.

    I was depressed...I was scared, pissed off at everything...not a nice guy at all, fight anyone that wanted to...drugs, sleepless nights, wanting to go back to the war...I was depressed, way bad. Then I got help...

    Just as what I read about what Dak is saying...taking about it to some that will listen, helps. I'm rooting for Dak to come out and tell what depression can do to the mind...respect.

    Cowboys on three...COWBOYS...1....2...3
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  3. BigDPlayer

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    What a sad and pathetic human this is. He should be fired.
  4. KJJ

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    Skip is like a lot of fans on this board he’s pissed off with Dak due to his contract demands. Prior to his contract demands he was singing Dak’s praise.
  5. GMO415

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    Appalling. That's what is wrong with society. They put too much faith and empowerment into these athletes. They are just humans....nothing more. They are flawed like the rest of us.
  6. Corso

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    I'm rooting for you. #Respect

    I'm saddened by a few here.
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  7. aria

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    I’ve always respected people more for being open about their true feelings, especially when it’s something that they know other people may perceive as a weakness. Depression is real and is a disease for some people like alcoholism and drug addiction.

    All that macho crap is exactly that, it’s either people who have never experienced tragedy, are in denial or are too afraid to admit it publicly for fear of what other people will think or say.

    “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to act despite it.” Desmond Tutu

    Kudos to Dak, he acted knowing there would be criticism by the jo’s in this world. That is a leader in my book.
  8. Pantone282C

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    Good grief, Charlie Brown! Did Skip fall on his head?
  9. darthseinfeld

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  10. Galian Beast

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    Everyone here knows how I feel about Dak, but Skip Bayless is trash for this.
  11. Dale

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    The days of believing this kind of admission is a sign of weakness are long over. Speaking up on this matter IS a sign of leadership from Dak and others. The only thing Skip is right about here is his understanding that he would rightfully be condemned for this woeful take. Get his *** off television.
  12. daboyzruleperiod

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  13. Established1971

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    yeah looks like Skip flubbed the wording on that, he seems to have been trying to say it would be better to bottle that up in light of the position he is in. Now even that is a sentiment that would get a lot of flak too but that wouldnt have sounded as nasty. If he was writing that instead of speaking on tv he would have said it better
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  14. CouchCoach

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    Remember when he had that birthday party and so many came down on him pretty hard? It is not unusual for people suffering from depression to do things like this or just the opposite, go into a shell.

    The fact that he's a big tough football player and leader of that team means he shouldn't feel that way and share it? Think there might be some others feeling the same way that now might be willing to admit that and more importantly, admit they need some help dealing with it.

    Everyone handles loss differently but if you know just how strong the relationship he and his Mom had, you might understand this better. She was everything to him, his champion and just hearing his high school coach talk about getting phone calls from her shed a lot of light on what kind of woman and mother she was. She was the rock in that family and he recently lost a brother as well and there can be residual effects to that and they can come on out of nowhere.

    Forget the team and his leadership role and think about the millions of people that live with depression, and the stigma that comes with it. Every person that shares their feelings about it opens that door for others. Hey, what's this guy got to be depressed about? Multi millionaire QB of America's Team has got it made. Just like men like Anthony Bourdain, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Avicii and Robin Williams. All men we thought had it made.

    Not putting Dak in their group but when someone, anyone, comes forth about depression, we need to listen.
  15. Dale

    Dale Forum Architect

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    Spot on. He lost his brother to suicide. Was isolated due to COVID. And lest we forget he's a black man living during a time of racial awakening.

    But, yeah, suck it up big fella and keep your thoughts to yourself like a real man. </skip>
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  16. ShortRound131

    ShortRound131 Well-Known Member

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    Glad you're with us, Respect to you sir.
  17. Dale

    Dale Forum Architect

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    But I would argue the point still doesn't fly. He compares QB to being the CEO of a company -- a role of leadership.

    Should the man of one's household not speak up on mental health matters due to a fear of losing credibility as a leader at home? What about your boss? If he/she was suffering from this, should those feelings remain to themselves? Should our kids' principal not voice their anguish?

    Quarterbacking America's Team is far from the only -- or even among the most important -- leadership roles in this country.
  18. cowboyed

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    Case in point with Skip was when he tried to out Aikman as being gay.
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  19. DFWJC

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    Skip has become a huge Dak fanboy.
    Surprised he felt it necessary to even chime in on this topic though. Strange
  20. 5Stars

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    Thank you...but after I came back, I called the Cowboys to see if I could play for them...they told me,

    So I became a is good.
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