Twitter: Smith and Cooper Named To Pro Bowl

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Alexander, Jan 9, 2020.

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    One of the perks of being a Cowboy. Our players are constantly overrated by the NFL world. Ironically the one player they hated (Romo) was the underrated one. :facepalm:
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  3. OmerV

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    That's excessive. He wasn't the level of the previous year, and he certainly has things to work on, but to act as if he is now a bottom level player isn't remotely accurate
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  4. Praxit

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    ..Coop will use his pro-bowl cameo as contract ;)...
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  5. EST_1986

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    he can use the 1st round pick we traded for him as leverage, these Pro Bowls are just icing on his money cake
  6. CalPolyTechnique

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    As if any further proof was needed that the Pro Bowl is a joke.
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    Don't have an issue with Amari getting there. He had a good season even though it was maddening at times.

    But Jaylon Smith?? That right there shows you how watered down and a joke this game is these days. A lot of players don't even want to play in this and will bail or nursing an "injury". I hate we have to deal with him for years to come because he had one good season out of 4. Thanks Jerry.
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  8. Redball Express

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    I am with you.

    Jaylon and Cooper both played with injuries most of the year and still delivered.

    I like that.

    I hope they and Wolf Hunter can return to form.

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  9. erod

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    There's All-Pro, and everybody else. Pro Bowl is worthless.

    Jaylon Smith was one of the worst linebackers in the NFC this year. I would literally prefer anybody over him at this point. Teams look for him and attack him like stink on you know what.
  10. Sonicxtacy02

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    I said this would happen weeks ago for Jaylon. All you have to do is look at how ALL of his stats compare to the top 5 linebackers in the league. He's RIGHT there in every category.
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  11. Kingofholland

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    Awesome!!! We can now justify Jaylon's contract!!!
  12. Super_Kazuya

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    What people forget is that somebody likely already sitting in Cabo on a team that likely has been finished for a couple of weeks has got to want to go. They might have called five guys before Smith and only Smith was still in the country, peddling sunglasses. Like I said somebody’s got to go...
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  13. Joe Realist

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    last time Amari wears a Star on his helmet
  14. Hook'em#11

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    Congrats Smith and Coop.. Make Dallas proud boys!
  15. Loso86

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    Deep how you feel. However I'll wait and not criticize a player as a whole based off of 1 season. What's wrong with him making a brand you say he sycks so why not prepare yourself fornagter football. Amari einrd a bit yes but it has to be more behind the scenes with hin. Were you saying that about them both last year or what?
  16. sideon

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    A WR who only shows up at home and a LB who QBs purposely threw at:laugh:
  17. RoyTheHammer

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    He. Was. Playing. Hurt.
  18. kumizi

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    Jaylon bring a pro bowler is nauseating.

    This reminds me of the Nomar Mazara situation with the Rangers. A young player that wasn’t very good but always had a bunch of RBIs so he thought he was good and didn’t try to get better. Jaylon racks up a lot of tackles. I’m 99% sure he has no idea how bad he was this year and this Pro Bowl nod doesn’t help. More false confidence.
  19. Virginia-Dave

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    Congrats......I guess? Coop deserves to be there as an alternate, but I have no idea how Jaylon got in. I really liked Jaylon until this season. He looked completely lost way too often, and the constant celebrating really got under my skin. I don't even remember which disaster of a game it was, but he celebrated making a stop on 2nd down like it was a game ending play. When they gave up an easy 3rd down conversion on the next play, I wanted to rip my TV off the wall and throw it through a window. It's like, what are you celebrating man? Celebrate a turnover. Celebrate a sack. Celebrate a goal line stop. Fine, I'm good. Celebrate a 2nd down play, and then give it up on 3rd down? Stop it.
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  20. SportsGuru80

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    Amari balled you dudes are trippin' hard... He played through injuries.

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