Something has to give. (QB Salaries)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, Mar 2, 2021.

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    I think one thing that will eventually slow down the QB market is when we see more young QB coming in having success right off the bat. At one time QB was drafted and he sat and learned, now days QB are drafted and with FA teams do not have the time to sit and wait for a young QB to develop, thus NFL offenses look more like college offense with spread option which many of these young QB grew up playing in the college ranks. NFL teams seldom have the QB operate under center now I would guess 95% of the plays are ran out of shotgun. Teams don't have time to have QB adjust to the NFL so the NFL adjusted to the QB and as more guys see quick success more likely teams will look to make changes at QB sooner which will bring the cost down.
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    exactly. the money will still be out there in year 5 if he plays well enough to warrant it. He wants a fully guaranteed contract that gets him to the moment the next jump in salaries is available.
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    I have posted this many times. Scarcity at the QB position isn't what it used to be. At the lower levels of football, it used to be rare to have teams that ran complicated passing schemes. Many QB's were really just running backs who could throw to a wide open guy. Even worse, african americans were frequently pushed away from the position to player WR or RB or CB or something. The end result was that there was a very small pool of people developed to play QB the way the NFL plays it.

    Nowadays you have a ton of teams at lower levels that are pass happy. QB's are all over the place. That is filtering up to the pro's. This year's draft class is an example.

    As many Dak supporters will say, you need good receivers, a good line, a competent running game and a good defense to win. Well, there is a growing number of QB's that if you give them all of that, they will do well.

    At some point, teams are going to figure this out and QB salaries will come down as a percentage of the cap. Personally, I think the premium is going to switch to lineman (both sides). There are only so many 6'6" 300lb, highly athletic tough dudes on the planet. The trenches are where games are won and lost.
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    true but if the majority of the league allocates their cap by position and sticks to that the "splash" moves don't create a wave. They are one off events.
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    100% agree.. This looks like something I would post haha.
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    id go 34 -35 but that TOP, if im Jones i stay at the exact offer he last puit in front of dak late last offseason and maybe sweeten the guarantees but not budging

    ..hopefully Jerry gets whats going on with the qb carrousel of late..owners nd teams are making slow change to adjusting the qb market, will take while but paying big money to get rid of your overpaid tier 2 starter has to be eye opening lessons and change is coming..
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    The market is the market. I still can't get a ps5 without paying some bot user $900. Sucks but it is what it is.
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    2016: 15%
    2020: 14.4%

    QB salaries haven't gone up relative to the cap. That's why I have been and will keep saying that fans just have sticker shock. The idea that you can't pay a quarterback and build a team is nonsense.
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    I think it'll reset but not the way fans expect, especially with the new network adding more money to the pot. Just me, but I expect the salaries (QB) will continue to escalate but language and structures of contracts are where we could major adjustments. Owners will expect more with fewer years. Similar to what just happen with Goff and Wentz. In other words, I can see owners saying if I'm paying a QB $40M, he needs to put some serious skin on the wall and I'm not waiting 5-6 years.
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    If you pay a QB that much money every year, you wind up with a defense like we had last year. Get a defense like Tampa and we don't need to pay Dak all that money.
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    And really, Mahomes’ 45 average is very deceiving.
    His contract is extremely team friendly fot the next 5 years, and especially the next 2.
    About 27 mil and 31 the next 2 years
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    I agree bro. They HAVE to set some type of line where they cant surpass a certain number depending on the market setter. Mahomes should be top and everyone flows in line. Crazy a QB makes double and mist of the time triple the next best salary on a team
    Then have the nerve to complain like Wilson about getting hit.
  13. ondaedg

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    Tampa Bay only spent $79mil on defense or 39% of their cap. So we can afford Dak or any qb for that matter if you can win a Super Bowl with only 39% of your cap dedicated to defense.
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    Salaries are a product of the cap
    The cap is a product of the revenue the league brings in
    As long as revenue grows then salaries will continue to rise because that’s what the CBA does
    If the people that play the game don’t get the money then the owners will get it
    Seems reasonable to me that players should also benefit in the leagues revenue growth
    As for QB’s, if the players as a whole were smart they would propose a cap within the cap on any one position. That would spread the money around and more players would make more money
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    But he also wanted the same amount of guaranteed money over 4 years.
  16. JustChip

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    Right. A 5 year deal only delays free agency by 1 year. Granted, the difference in compensation that one year on an amortized basis would probably be 20-30m, but that isn’t a significant difference on a 9 year time frame and at the overall dollars. This is simply a battle of egos and control be either Dak or his agent. Even in the later case, Dak is still responsible.

    I’m a Dak fan. I always root for those guys that grew up Cowboys fans and Dak did. I wanted Steven Jackson for that reason. I have hope that Dak pulls a Pudge Rodriguez and inserts himself to get a deal done that benefits both parties close to equally.
  17. 88sAndHeartbreak

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    Not that I don't believe you, but where did you see this? Everything I've read only highlighted the years in Dak's counteroffer.
  18. fivetwos

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    That's why none of this ever made any sense.

    I mean, why not add something like 3/160 on the back end of the deal if that where France thinks things are going? The team can cut Dak but if they did, what makes France think anyone else would give him the same money or more?

    I'm thinking he just wants to be in the news again.
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    This. The market will continue to dictate salaries. People want to blame players for trying to get the most money they can, meanwhile the owner is raking up one hundred times what most players make lol. The salary cap is going up (most years) for a reason.
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    Something will give, the cap.

    The rumors of the next TV/streaming deal will jack that cap and QB's will once again drag a disproportionate amount of it but that's what the rule changes brought about.

    The money for QB's is about to get really stupid. Consider just 8 short years ago, Romo got 19M to shock us all and what are they talking about now for Prescott? 41.5M

    Mahomes deal will last about to 2024 before it gets jacked because it will be approaching 50M for a QB by 2026, 55-60M for a QB. QB agents have been pushing it up by design because all else follows the QB.

    It's just simple math. TV deal affects the cap which will take it to the 250M range pretty quickly, QB's are dragging down 18-20% of the cap in general but the stars will pull more because that's what the owners have created in order to get that TV money up. And this is without the gambling effect, which could easily take it to the 275-300M range. The single most underestimated figure is the estimated amount spent on gambling.
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