Speak For Yourself-Cowboys should prioritize Dak's contract over Zeke's-Marcellus Wiley

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Redball Express, May 2, 2019.

  1. Redball Express

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  2. cern

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    No brainer. Dak comes first.
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  3. Yobwocs

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    Good discussion. I enjoyed it. Dak > Zeke. No duh at this point.
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  4. Pompey-Cowboy

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    Obviously. At no team and at no time will a RB ever be more important than the QB.
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  5. whynot

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    bloody hell -- is this really sports broadcasting? That was like listening to ice melt. Of course a QB is more important than an RB, I don't need 7 mins+ of mealy mouthed drivel to tell me that. RBs have been devalued for years, it sucks for Zeke but that's the reality.

    We got beat in the playoffs by Todd Gurley's backup. If Gurley and Goff were in the same draft there's no argument over who would get paid first and Goff isn't that good.
  6. Hadenough

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    They already exercised Zekes 5th year option and signing Dak before they need to isnt necessary.
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  7. acr731

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    What if the QB is Quincy Carter? Or Ryan Leaf? What if the QB has trouble hitting the broad side of a barn like Dak?
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  8. ItzKelz

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    Ladainian Tomlinson and Drew Brees were drafted in the same draft. LT retired 50 years ago and Drew is still playing and he is 97 years old.....football years
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  9. Outlaw Heroes

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    I’d like to see them hold off on extending both. In fact I’d prefer they not extend Zeke at all. Dak should wait a year. There’s enough doubt surrounding him, even with the good things he’s done, that he should face a prove it year, like Garrett.

    I almost certainly won’t get my wish on either front.
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  10. camelboy

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    All what we need to do if find Dak a supermodel who make a lot of money to marry.

    Any matchmakers in the house?

    Who is the richest young supermodel now? Any suggestions?

  11. Redball Express

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    I guess I am in the minority.

    To me, Zeke is beyond important.

    Without him..we lose.

    Now without DAK..?

    We have no litmus paper test yet there..

    Before they extend him into the stratosphere..

    I would like to see how we play if he is injured or unavailable.

    Could Rush or White win with Zeke and our defense?

    I definitely think so.

    And if they could..


    We have played with DAK and no Zeke in 2017 and know what to expect from DAK.

    We is not nearly as good.

    But does Zeke carry the team if Rush or White has to start for real.?

    And if they can..is DAK devalued?

    I want to know this before we commit 15% of our cap to DAK and later wish we had not.

    Call me curious.

    But this team has not finished the work on this yet.

    They could and should extend Zeke first and let DAK earn his new contract still.

    Yes, they might save some money right now redoing DAK..

    but they also could cough a big hair ball if we find this team might succeed without DAK tied to a mega-deal.

    Just saying.

  12. Captain-Crash

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    yeah, let's sign the backup starting QB, you can find another Zeke anywhere. :facepalm:
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  13. Redball Express

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    Last edited: May 3, 2019
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  14. conner01

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    It’s really not even about that
    Zeke has more time left
    Dak, cooper will be next
    Then there comes some tough decisions with jones and zeke
    Do we keep both? Do we let one walk?
  15. Sydla

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    Frankly, I am not signing either right now.

    But gun to head in a more broad discussion, the QB is more important than the TB IMO. But then again I am one of those that thinks you don't have to use high draft picks and spend a ton of money to have a really good running game.
  16. CowboysFaninHouston

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    that's a 150 million dollar bet....are you willing to do that?? specially with all the question marks on Dak
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  17. sean10mm

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    This is classic "everyone loves the backup QB" silliness. The most likely outcome for these scrubs isn't league average QB play, it's catastrophic failure.

    This isn't even a defense of Dak really, 5th rounders and UFAs at QB are almost always totally worthless.

    I get people not liking Dak but he's not, you know, NATHAN PETERMAN bad. Which is what these guys most likely are if you put them in the starting lineup. The odds that they're secretly the next Kurt Warner or even, well, TONY ROMO for that matter, are... incredibly low.

    Hell, they're probably not the next, uh, Marc Bulger.
  18. Hennessy_King

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    This is still why I said in 2016 that zeke is great but ramsey would have been the better pick. I just think the RB position is the least valuable.
  19. BourbonBalz

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    Yes for one reason. Dak’s current contract expires a year before Zeke’s. It’s that simple.
  20. Little Jr

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    Of course you sign Dak first. You dont even sign Zeke unelss he's willing to take 11-12m a year. If not, let him play out his 5th year and tag him.

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