News: ST: Cowboys coach Jason Garrett explains clock management decisions at end of Redskins game

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  1. Nightman

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    Like the Saints did against us this year.....oh yeah they missed it

    you take the 9 yards on first down and the TD on second down every time

    you can't be too scared to take a 7 point lead with 1 minute left

    thats not smart its cowardice, not a good trait for a football team
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  2. big dog cowboy

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    At some point common sense has to kick in.....right?
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  3. casmith07

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    Only the Dallas Cowboys draw this much wailing and gnashing of teeth after a victory.
  4. CanadianCowboysFan

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    Hell when he froze his own kicker he didn't blame himself.
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  5. Super_Kazuya

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    Definitely not that much, we're talking a few seconds here at best. The question is would there be time for a kickoff. That depends on time elapsed for kneel downs vs runs and when they start and stop the clock. If there's no kickoff, then win probability is just like McLovin says, chances of kicking an XP. If there's a kickoff, that alters the probability.
  6. jazzcat22

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    No. wonder we are the most loved them and the most hated team. Even some of our so called fans hate this team.
    Get a win, 1 game out of first, and we get the coach haters for winning a game. Guess you all aren't happy that Wittens 1000 catch wasn't a TD.
    Why aren't you whining that Jason didn't coach that one right.
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  7. jazzcat22

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    Once again .......
    The defense was playing very well, most the time you get the ball at the 20.
    Why don't you blame Bailey for not kicking it out of the endzone?

    But no,,a short kickoff, a good finback, and a penataly puts it in Dallas territory.

    If from the 20, chances are the clock runs out, they throw a pick, or go out on downs.
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  8. Nightman

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    That is only if they get a first down. They don't a first down if McFadden isn't running hard and picks up 9 yards on first down.
  9. Bleu Star

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    I didn't.
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  10. ConstantReboot

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    Exactly what I was thinking. Most NFL coaches would have done that. It baffles me too why we don't just take 3 straight knees.

    I've watched Garrett in crunch time throughout the years. I think his decision making gets convoluted because of so many strange things has happened to this team at the waning moments of the game.
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  11. Mr_V

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    After reading that mumble jumble what did he say?
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  12. FuzzyLumpkins

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    After we punted and Jackson handed us the game, we could have iced the game had DMC fallen down when he crossed the 5 yard line. If you want to hold Garrett accountable because he didn't run the clock down, call timeout, and personally tell DMC to not score or otherwise communicate that through Cassell's headset then bully for you, Mike Tirico.

    I think that idea is entirely obtuse to DMC not only fumbling twice but also failing to perform the exact same duty the play before. I know they teach it because I've seen other backs do it. Not tactics but willpower indeed.

    They also could have kicked the winning field goal as time expired but the FG was 54 yards and running the ball and getting a 4 yard gain on third down still nets you a 50 yard field goal. I can understand preferring a FG in the automatic range as great as Bailey is.
  13. Wolfpack

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    Not his fault.
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  14. rpntex

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    I swear… some of you guys look for anything and everything to make it more confusing. The way I look at it, McFadden has been playing football long enough to know to stay in bounds in that situation. By the same token, he should know to go down short of the end zone in the same situation. Like Garrett said, they practice the play. McFadden should know – and just because they practice the play – without having to be told. The guys been playing football for over 20 years… The last seven in the NFL.

    If Garrett specifically had told McFadden do not score, then had Dan Bailey missed a field goal attempt, you guys would be skewering Garrett for telling McFadden not to score.
  15. rpntex

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    Only if they get one first down. If they don't get a first down the Redskins get the ball back with 25 or 30 seconds to go.

    After Jackson's fumble, Dallas started their possession with 1:26 remaining. Two plays, followed by Washington final two timeouts would run 6 to 10 seconds off the clock. So I assume they snap the ball on third down at 1:16. Run 40 seconds off the clock after that and it leaves the Cowboys kicking a field goal with 36 seconds to go. Did they kick off to Washington with about 33 seconds to go. Keep in mind the number of long returns Dallas has given up this year, and also that the Redskins are merely a field goal down. They likely would need one or two completions to set themselves up for a possible game-tying field-goal.

    Dallas could've ran McFadden between the tackles, ensuring he would stay in bounds. It would also most likely ensure that he didn't gain 9 yards as he did Bob dancing outside. Converting that first down was a necessity, and and likely doesn't happen if they run inside.
  16. JD_KaPow

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    In fact, let's play that scenario out. The Cowboys go up by 3 and kick off with 33 seconds left.

    It took the Skins 20 seconds to score the TD at the end of the game. If Dallas fails to get a first down, they quite possibly lose.
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  17. FuzzyLumpkins

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    What I want to know is how after that horrific return and facemask penalty to put the enemy in striking distance, does Barry 'snail' Church end up at FS deep and shaded to the opposite side of the field as DeSean Jackson? I like Barry and realize he has a role but I don't want a 4.6 guy at single high S. He was nowhere near the play.
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  18. rpntex

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    If Castle takes three straight knees, Dallas is kicking off to the Redskins with 30 seconds or so still on the clock. They started the position at 1:26 remaining… Do the math.

    1:26 - 1st down...knee (clock runs down 2 or 3 seconds, Skins take an immediate TO)
    1:23 - 2nd down...knee (clock runs down 2 or 3 seconds, Skins take an immediate TO)
    1:20 - 3rd down...knee (40 second clcck starts at the whistle to end the play)
    0:37 - 4th down, field goal attempt. At most, 5 seconds run off.

    Dallas kicks off to Washington with at least 32 seconds remaining. That's time for a couple of past completions down the sidelines, and quite possibly their own field goal attempt. Not likely, but entirely possible. The point is that there was no way to run the clock down past 30 seconds by strictly kneeling down.
  19. windjc

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    You forgot about the freakin' first play. Run for a yard TO GET the first down, force timeout. Then on first down take a knee. Force timeout. Take TWO MORE KNEES!!!!! Do the math please.
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  20. pugilist

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    can't wait until this clapping clown is canned...
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