Twitter: Stephen on 105.3 - "Very Confident" in McCarthy

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound, Jan 17, 2022.

  1. Tabascocat

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    We will retain the two coaches most don’t want and we will have to like it! :banghead:
  2. Jake

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    Part of him getting the job was Moore stays and the offense doesn't change, so I doubt Mike has that authority.
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  3. Bobhaze

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    What difference would it make firing Big Mac? We’ve had 6 different HCs since our last divisional playoff win in the 1995 season.

    Seriously…who could/would Jerry hire to make all THIS better? Would he hire a great coach, letting that coach act like a real NFL HC completely in charge of the locker room? No. So until there are changes made at the top, we are stuck in a time machine with a billionaire narcissist still thinking he’s a football guy.
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  4. Risen Star

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  5. KingintheNorth

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    Sucks that we have to waste another year to get to that inevitable and obvious decision.
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  6. My3Sons

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    Technically, I didn't want him hired.

    He coached one of the greatest QBs in the history of the NFL to one SB in like 12 tries. GB finally figured out they were wasting ARs career on a knucklehead bozo and fired him.

    The real question is do you really believe JJ picks good coaches since Jimmy left?
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  7. Bobhaze

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    If I thought firing McCarthy would give us any better chance I would be all for it. But here’s t(e cold as steel hard truth- Jerry and his family are the biggest problem and he refuses to change his ways. Jerry can’t handle having a “strong” HC with big time skills because it threatens him.

    So what difference would firing Big Mac make? He fired Garrett…and Wade…and Parcells quit…and Jerry fired Campo and Chan Gailey, and Barry…what difference does firing a HC make around here?

    Now if Jerry would fire himself- there’s a change with some hope.
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  8. 75boyz

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    Very well said. It truly will be a waste of a year just to watch McCheese get replaced by whoever is next up on the next Yes Man carousel of Jerry's coaches.

    I'm thinking a more reversion to the mean type Garrettesque 8-8-1 team performance will seal his fate, lol
  9. Sydla

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    We should be prepared for it however. We got to do it with Garrett season after season.
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  10. Aven8

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    I get why Mike didn’t do it. They were #1 the previous year. What if he came in calling his O and they were 12th? But now we know it’s empty stats. We can cream The cellar dwellers. But not the big boys
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  11. bewp7

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    i never felt so un interested in cowboys as i do right now

    i bet there is a lot of other fan who is the same right now
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  12. BleedSilverandBlue

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    Stephen Jones wouldn't be this high up anywhere else in the NFL. There just because daddy owns the team. The Jones family is poison for this franchise.
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  13. Dre11

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    Again he's the Gm and the coach took the job knowing it.even lied to get iy
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  14. basel90

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    stephen may be worse than Jerry. at least bought the team and jerry hired jimmy Johnson and and won 3 super bowls . Stepjen has no real accomplishments.
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  15. Dre11

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    So how many has Arron won since ? Sean Payton has done the same and everybody want him hear, Aaron didn't win because he was lackluster in championship games. Read about his play in those championship games.

    Rodgers has thrown more interceptions (seven) than touchdowns (six) in NFC Championship Games. That’s an astonishing statistic when you consider he’s thrown 412 career touchdown passes and just 89 interceptions, a 4.6-to-1 ratio.

    Here’s a look how Rodgers has performed in conference title games.
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  16. MS17

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    We've watched the Dallas NFL management organizational model, Owner/GM > player personnel guy >HC > Assistants, for 26 years now. Season after exasperating season. No accountability and not a success. Sometimes I kid myself that the league could step in and declare family management an anti-trust violation and ban it forever.
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  17. Surfguy

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    Who does Stephen blame for all the penalties? The Penalty Fairy?

    You can't get Stephen to say a bad thing about anybody on the team. Dude is blinded by the smell of his own farts and/or those of his Daddy. Bunch of Tooters...tooting the horn of losers.
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  18. Redsfan_83

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    Look at his record against teams that made the 2021 playoffs....that is why we want MM fired. The accomplishment of beating up on the ugly step children of the NFL does not make us fans confident in the teams future...
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  19. Dre11

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    That happens with team every year across the league and they have good seasons.
  20. fifaguy

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    Soooo no real changes coming? No surprise.
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