Twitter: Stephen on 105.3 - "Very Confident" in McCarthy

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound, Jan 17, 2022.

  1. RomoplusDezEquals7

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    Dak says fans should throw bottles at refs and Tad is retweeting negative things about the head coach of the team. He really has those leadership intangibles doesn’t he!
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  2. DuncanIso

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    jerry is 79.

    time is short.
  3. Sydla

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    Why do people want McCarthy calling the offense?

    He wasn't some sort of genius calling plays before.
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  4. Ken

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    If MM is here (which i don't want) and Kellen goes(which i do want)- we need MM calling the plays. He can have an OC but HE needs to be calling the plays. I want more of the west coast flavor to what we do and he needs to earn his stripes.
  5. The Ominous

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    Meatball Mike should be working at Olive Garden right now, but sadly he's going to get another year. This exact time in 2023 were going to have a new coach for sure.
  6. Ken

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    It isn't my preference but if he is still HC here and Kellen leaves...i am ready to see him give it a whirl.
  7. Aven8

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    I don’t know what he is as a play caller but he’s done it his whole career at least until now. It was weird that he didn’t do it here. I would prefer a new OC all together like a Shanny etc type
  8. fivetwos

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    McCarthy has 11 months left.

    Next year when they try to feature Zeke against a 1st place schedule....and they aren't sweeping the division again....throw in the fact that out QB is, well we know.

    Big Mike is gonzo after next regular season.
  9. TheMarathonContinues

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    I have no issue firing him but I mean he probably shouldn’t be factoring in he won 12 games under Jerry Jones….
  10. pansophy

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    Penalties are usually about being outmatched physically. See Connor Williams. I don't see our penalties as an indictment of our coaches as much as an indictment of Jerry overestimating the talent on this roster.

    Too many shiny objects -- too many holes in between.
  11. Jarv

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    I can't help myself! I must do it!
  12. LucaBrasi

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  13. McKDaddy

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    I'm not generally in favor of overreacting to a small sample size ..... but the concerns that started in the preseason were never addressed. I don't know how you go into another season when he seemed completely unable to correct any of those.
  14. Playmaker3128

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    We could go 15-2 and get the 1 seed in the playoffs is anyone confident we’d win that game? I know I wouldn’t be
  15. visionary

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    It’s the “getting lucky” part I have an issue with …..dummy

    do you think Brady or Rodgers goes into a game hoping they will get lucky? No, the go in prepared expecting to win

    Only idiots say “let’s get into the playoffs then we might get lucky”…….. dummy

    like I said, it is difficult to overstate the ignorance in that statement
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  16. Dre11

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    Idiot. They get lucky in fact Brady was lucky last season with his 3 picks vs Green Bay, and Rodgers was lucky as he hasn't played well in Nfc games read and learn dummy
  17. visionary

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  18. Direwolf63

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    I've been saying it since yesterday: it doesn't matter if McCarthy stays or goes. The rot is higher up the ladder. And they aren't going anywhere
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  19. Dre11

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    Being dumb isn't a good look. You should take care of it.
  20. plymkr

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    That's what I was thinking last night. I don't know how good this is for my mental health. It's like emotional self mutilation watching this crap. I'm jo smo fan but according to the eye test the Cowboys weren't ready to play and the 9ers were. Dallas had 6 pre-snap penalties and at least 2 or 3 impulsive penalties (Gregory tackles the offensive lineman) and no accountability for that undisciplined play.

    Then you got the QB and the RB who arguably played the worst of the bunch and hasn't played well against winning teams are soaking up the salary cap so we can't add quality players.

    Yep no problems here, we're fine. We like our guys and it's a process and we belong in the playoffs. Yeah we belong in the playoffs for 60 minutes every 3 or 4 years. But we're good, we're good, we have full confidence in what we're doing.

    We are going to suck donkey balls until Dak and Zeke are gone. So 3 more years. This year was the best we'll get. When Dak's contract kicks into gear then the "talent" on this team will erode and we'll be a 5 win team.

    As poorly as Dak has played since the bye just imagine no Gallup, Wilson, Pollard, Schultz, Cooper. It's going to be Dak, Zeke and Lamb. Dak can't read defenses, Zeke can't run and Lamb is flakey. And I'm not even going to talk about what's going to happen on defense. We'll lose Diggs cuz Dak's contract will give us no flexibility under the cap.

    Ok rant over, but yeah I may tune out or de-prioritize Cowboys and the NFL for a couple years. Again it's emotional self mutilation
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