Twitter: Stephen: Rod and Taco didn't see eye to eye

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. Hawkeye0202

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  2. Ky31

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    Maybe Rod should be the next to go!!
  3. Sydla

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    This is hardly surprising.

    I'll ask the question that will piss some people off.

    While I have little doubt Taco probably has his issues, is Marinelli too inflexible to maybe give an inch or two here or there to try to get a kid with some decent skills on the field and get him productive?

    There is enough about Taco where this is probably mostly him, but I wonder if we have reached that point with Marinelli after 6 years that it might be time for a new voice and fresh ideas for the DL.
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  4. ElGatoGrande

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    "underachieving" and "uncoachable",,, not a good combination.
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  5. John813

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    I'll say this, and we can call it an unconfirmed rumor due to lack of official source, but I've been told Tyus Bowser was Rod's want in 2017.
    I trust the person who told me that, but I have no way of confirming that to everyone. And not like Bowser has been any better so far

    That being said, has there ever been a player before Taco that Rod couldn't get along with?
    We can question his coaching up skills, but it just seems everyone sort of likes him on the team.
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  6. ChronicCowboy

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    If the defense stays as inconsistent as it has been the first two games, Marinelli needs to go too.
  7. Fletch

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    Marinelli was pissed that Taco already had a nickname. “Taco”
  8. ColoCowboy

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    And, none of Taco's attitude manifested itself in any of the interviews or vetting process that you would expect for a first round pick. Yes, I know there are mis-fires, but this still seems a bit odd.
  9. Cannibal_Cowboy

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    So what do we want? Guys that can actually play, or guys that will be buddies with Marinelli. I still find it very strange indeed that Rod gives his Teacher's Pets names like "Golden Cock."
  10. fansince68

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    Did Marinelli interview Taco at the scouting combine?
  11. Brax

    Brax Well-Known Member

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    you will not know until Taco is with another team and how productive he is there. What is more concerning is the newest pick Hill isn't playing.
  12. Brax

    Brax Well-Known Member

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    I find more disturbing that we have a coach who went 0-16 when he was the leader of a team and they value his input.
  13. Reverend Conehead

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    Did Taco realize that Rod was his boss? When you have a boss, you won't like all his choices, but it's your job to try to make it work.
  14. jazzcat22

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    I was just thinking, maybe Rod was the one that needed to go and not Taco. Rod should have been gone a few years ago actually.
    I know the D improved each year under him, but it has been underwhelming at the same time.
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  15. RodeoJake

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    If you give in to Taco, what's the effect on the rest of the D that does their job without issues?
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  16. Hennessy_King

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    If I were Jerry and it were between Taco and Marinelli, I would keep Taco
  17. ClappingCarrot

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    It amazes me how much clout Rod has in that building. Like, it's unbelievable.
  18. pansophy

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    I find it hard to blame the coach when the disagreement is about what the standard of play should be. Coaches want your best every play. What did Taco want?
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  19. CF74

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    Taco wasn’t accustomed to being cussed out...
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  20. Hennessy_King

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    This is so dumb. He's not a wal mart greeter like some of you. He doesn't get paid to show up. He gets paid to produce. Him not getting playing time because his coach doesn't like him is killing his future potential earnings. If I were him I would have done the same thing. If you aren't going to play me let me go so I can at least play somewhere and try to make a name for myself.

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