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Since more details were requested on this policy ..

First and foremost, if you use a word, including a site domain or URL, that is replaced by ****'s when you click the submit button, then that word is not allowed. If you use a misspelling of a word to get around the site filtering the correctly spelled word with ****'s, then that word is not allowed either. In fact, trying to circumvent the language filter will usually result in your account being benched because it shows you intentionally tried to get around the filter.

Everything in society is about where the line is drawn between one side and the other. It's rarely about right and wrong, though I am sure those strongly leaning to one side would disagree with that. It's all about where the line is because the area around the line can be blurry at times, so the closer a line is to your own views, the more the blurry area further encroaches on your views. That's why it is human nature to fight for more than we need so that if we fall short, we still obtain our goals.

In this case, CowboysZone is a family-friendly site. That doesn't mean the site staff or owner are bible-toting or G-rated fanatics, or that we are even offended by profane or obscene language and/or content, because we are not. We'll share videos and such among ourselves that we cannot post on the site. We have also benched users for posting non-family-friendly content only to have several of us lament the fact we like what was posted but it was against the rules so we had to bench the user.

When you visit most other forum sites, comment sections, etc. you find they are filled with so much hate, trolling and personal attacks unless you completely agree with the opinions of the users there. We chose a long time ago to keep CowboysZone family-friendly as much as possible, because drawing the line there allows for a little blurry area to go beyond it without going too far. When you let a forum go, eventually it drives all the best posters away because it becomes open season on anyone liked and respected.

The things we moderate such as personal attacks may seem ticky-tacky at times. I mean .. really .. you call someone a moron or idiot and get benched for it? The reason we draw the line there and bench users who do that is not because we are offended by the comment or because we believe the target of the insult is so weak-minded they would be really hurt by it.

The main reason is because we live in a one-upmanship world, especially online. If someone calls another user an idiot .. in front of the world as it were (aka: publicly), then the other user's immediate goal is to post a reply with an even better attack. Then the original user who posted the minor insult now feels obligated to one-up the counter insult by coming up with something even worse.

We continue to add words to the filter for a variety of reasons such as circumventing existing filters, new words gain popularity as replacements for well-known obscene/profane words, etc. We also ban some domains because of spam, fake news, etc.

Again, it's very simple to figure out what is and is not allowed on the site .. when you post something, if you see ****'s in your post and you didn't type them, you probably should edit your post immediately and remove or reword that part of your post.
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