Stop the Dak vs Watson stuff

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by coult44, Mar 2, 2021.

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    Well Sanchez did play in an AFC championship game, did he not? Romo never did.

    Doesn't mean much by itself of course, just noting a fact...
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    So as they say when u feel like you have lost the argument people try and divert from discussion at hand. They start throwing instructions that quickly escalates to confrontational name calling.....

    You took step #1. Clearly indicating u feel u are losing.

    So why do u feel you lost the argument? Let's help u out.
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    Then you aren’t reading or don’t care to read. They aren’t garbage stats. He literally had one of the best statistical seasons in the last few years when it comes to collection percentage, ratings etc. He wasn’t just throwing 50 times. He had his team in positions to win many games and he did it with a interim coach, no RB and a trash D. Again, you can ignore it but that’s your choice. I’ll post again one of 3 articles in this thread

    According to Pro Football Focus, Watson took his game to the next level in 2020. His regular-season passing grade of 92.5 was the 19th-best regular-season grade recorded since 2006, when PFF began keeping complete statistical data for the league.

    To put that in perspective, anything above a grade of 90.0 is considered historically great.
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    When we mention these similar stats about dak, who went 8-8 and 10-6, people say garbage stats. But now Watson goes 4-12 and his stats are called elite.

    Seems like people change their standards depending on who they are measuring
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    Are we talking about the same thing? :huh:

    Value, in football, is measured in draft picks and money.

    So what if Dak is the #1 FA in the NFL. He's a FA with a franchise tag.

    Let's see if a team is going to make a play for him and give up two No. 1 picks.

    Do you think that's going to happen? Do you HONESTLY believe if Mahomes were in Dak's situation, that a team - no, TEAMS - wouldn't be making a play for him now?

    There is NO activity on Dak

    1. Because he's still recovering from an ankle injury
    2. Because he's not worth two No. 1 picks.

    Jerry is already telling you what he and the league think of Dak.

    You can cite his stats, his leadership and the fact he is the top free agent in the market.

    But the PROOF of his value is what the Cowboys are willing to pay him and what other teams are willing to pay the Cowboys to get him.

    And despite what Cowboys fans who have been heavily imbibing the Dakari might think, he aint fetchin' two No. 1 picks. Jerry Jones would be all over that deal quicker than a Bob Hayes 100.


    And I like Dak. Then again, I liked Tim Tebow too. ;)
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    what ? Watson is on a different tier than dak . Dak is 12-16 territory . Watson is 5-8 tier.
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    I’m a Dak fan. So my support of Watson isn’t to trash Dak. I posted originally in this thread on page 1 to state that I think people are lazy about how they look at Watson and don’t know what he did. I do think records matter but last year the Texans were trash across the board and the guy still put up legit stats...not ones where he had 20 interceptions throwing 50 times a game. I think Dak had to deal with a trash D and Oline the beginning of the season. My main point is that people can compare the two but don’t trash Watson to prop Dak up. Dak has done enough on his own. That’s it
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    This is not an argument as to lifting a team to wins, I have not once said Watson has done that. You are stubborn and cannot wrap your head around Dak having more to play with here than Watson has had in Houston. This is not to say Dak isn't good, but if you can find one GM in the world who would take Dak or Watson, that GM won't be one for long. And if you do not think Martin holds this line together you are further not in the know. How did we do without him? His presence holds up the rest of the line...see what happened when we had Fredricks, Martin, Smith, etc, in the lineup? Add the other parts and again Watson has had nothing, nothing and nothing coparted to that. Oh, except Fuller lmao. And oh...Watson had the 10th ranked QBR in 2020, with no Hopkins, and Fuller missed the last bunch of games. Watson also threw for 33 td's, 8 of which to Fuller. On possibly the worst team in the NFL.

    I give you credit for trying to save face with your argument though....have a good one bud. Oh, look below at actual stats not names. This is OL only, not RB, WR. You keep trying and failing at your arguments. no shock that our ravaged OL in 2020 affected every aspect of our game

    2018: Dallas had the 14th rated OL. Texans 23rd
    2019: Dallas had the 4th-6th rated OL. Texans was 20th
    2020: Dallas had the 27rated OL. Texans 23rd
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    You better stop making sense, lol...this guy will not give up or understand what you or I are trying to get through to him about...exhausting.
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    Dak playing behind the line of Watson would be good for humor. Look at the situational stats, which I e listed multiple times, in the fourth down by 7 and see how much better Watson is than stat-padder Dak, who only shines against soft defenses when down a lot. Dak throws for less than 5 YPC, with basically no TDs while Watson is throwing at 10 YPC and like 8 TDs and 1 INT. Dak is the very definition of a paper Tiger.
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    Not trashing watson...not trashing Dak. I think they are similar players but I like dak a little better.

    This past season was weird. I think last year was even worse with lame duck coaching staff, first year OC that reported to the GM and not head coach, defensive coaches arguing on the sideline.....never seen anything like it in NFL culturally and contractually....
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    Agree with the last two seasons. I was talking to Future on here in a thread about how I didn’t know how to read Daks stats before the injury because we started slowly or off and the D would get boat raced so it was hard to gauge the stats. I don’t think they’re trash from the standpoint of he brought them back in some of the games. But we were throw heavy because of our D. We need to figure out how to start games and it was a theme in the JG years...but that’s another thread :). I just think we had no identity
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    Well, it is called deflection. Like when a governor sees his people without electricity and water for his ineptness, he blames solar power and wind turbines. When he is called out on his mask folly he blames migrants.
    It is swell!
    But, it is impossible for me to lose an argument to a Houston denizen who likely doesn't know table manners or is not as erudite as I.
    I don't even remember our bone of contention as you are as forgettable as they come.
    Hollah, Buffalo Bayou fellow!
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    Trash butt list,

    Dak is #4 minimum, all the other player success came due to the team not themselves.
  16. GimmeTheBall!

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    Well, that is a comforting thought as we review his greatest seasons of 1 playoff win, no NFC championships, no traction going forward and demanding $40 mil. And on one foot.
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    To post the situation stats again for down by 7, in the 4th quarter:

    Dak Prescott

    36 22 61.1% 167 Yards 4.6 YPC 24 Yards is longest throw 0 TDs 1 INT 10 First Downs 27.8% 1st downs 1 2 Sacks 11 yards Sack total 60.8 QBR


    71 55 77.5% 738 Yards 10.4 YPC 53 Yards is the longest throw 6 TDs 1 INT 33 First Downs 46.5% 1st down percentages 12 8 Sacks 61 Yards 132.2 QBR

    Besides Andy Dalton’s numbers last year being better than Dak’s let alone Watson, it’s not even close. Dak, per the numbers, pads his stats because defenses burn time off the clock and when the game ends up being a little closer and defenses tighten up more and the lights come on, Dak becomes check-down Charlie. Even if you look at the sack rate, Dak is getting better protection that Watson and ‘the deep ball’ of Dak is no longer anywhere to be seen, with a whopping 4.6 YPC. If you take away his one 24 yard throw, the numbers getting even more mediocre. Dak can’t even sustain drives with a whopping 27.8% of first downs. Dak hasn’t throw a single TD in such situations and has an INT. Dak’s completion percentages in fact go down.

    Watson on the hand is flinging it in such conditions, with a whopping 10.4 YPC and has 6 TDs to 1 INT, while sustaining drives 46.5% first down clip. His completing percentages go into overdrive at 77.5%.

    And Watson is still getting sacked at basically 1 sack for every 8-9 attempts while Dak is at 1 sack per 16 attempts. So Dak still is getting much better pass protection than Watson, whose line has been straight up garbage for years.

    it’s pretty self-explanatory that Dak losing only because he doesn’t have enough time and the defense folds is completely asinine by the numbers. Dak simply gets numbers in meaningless situations and when the lights shine to win the game and defenses tighten up, he goes into a complete shell.

    So yeah, let’s stop the Watson-Dak stuff. Let’s flip rosters and see how they’d operate. I’m sure Moore would be on cloud nine with Watson.
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    Brady is in a class by himself, obviously.

    Rogers and Mahomes are clearly better than Dak and have both won a Super Bowl.

    Allen has only played 3 years and took his team to a conference title game despite not having a rushing attack. He’s got a cannon.

    Wilson has won a Super Bowl and is probably a little better than Dak, but it’s close and Dak did outplay him when they met in the playoffs. I thought about putting Dak as 5, especially since Wilson played pretty ordinary ball his final 11 games last year.

    Dak is otherwise as good as any QB in the game.
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    Yeah, he missed all those tackles and just couldn't get any penetration up the middle. Sometimes he would make the tackle but only after the RB or QB was 30 yards down field. And those 30yrd punts were just horrible. How could he? Everyone said he was a ball hawk but had 0 int's. He sucked big time.

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