Strength of the team is our WR’s

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mobinvans, Jan 17, 2021.

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    And just 2 years ago they were saying most sny WR will do because they were a power run team but half way through the season they trade for Cooper.
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    Definitely the strength of our team is the passing game with Dak and the WR's. No question about it.

    But all those great WR's didnt amount to much with the great Dalton throwing to them.

    Moore, Dak, Lamb, Gallup, Cooper. Need to keep those guys together for as long as possible and get the defense to top 10.
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    it is a strength. How important is it to have your top strength at WR? Not very, imo. Maybe even not at all.


    If you had to pick a top strength that would lead to a championship, those are the areas you'd want the most.

    Maybe once in the last 30 years has a SB champ had three potential Pro Bowl level WRs.....that being the St Louis Rams.

    But hey, it is a nice luxury and protects us from a bad injury to one of the three.
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    This teams te Core had 4 rinky dink TD catches playing 135% of the passing snaps. Pretty much when the subpar defender on a subpar team slipped on a banana peel. Lol.

    Were still playing scrub tes on too many snaps like their studs. Just leave them out there w no substitution to fail on every critical down and red zone drive.

    Not only do these Tes suck these coaches are idiots for not playing the BETTER PLAYERS and Sticking with the same CHECK DOWN TE SYSTEM THAT HAS NO BIG PLAY CAPABILITIES.





    This te Core is the the Core problem. No other team would let Schultz and the 3rd string Bell anchor their passing offense except for Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys.

    Tes have evolved into receivers and we're still building our offense around the flat footed short passing can't jump tes from 30 yrs ago. Lol.

    We won't win beans with these check down tes leading the charge.

    Rogers will be selling the te koolaide next year too. Lmao.

    This te Core is ALL Hype Every year and their thrown into an Everysnap position based upon hype and NEVER PUT UP THE STATS IN BLACK N WHITE
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    Rodgers when he won the Superbowl had 4 WRs that all finished Top 5 in TDs or Yards at one point or another (although not all in the same year)
    • Greg Jennings
    • Donald Driver
    • Jordy Nelson
    • James Jones
  6. TWOK11

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    I mean, outside of Mahomes receiver is Kansas City's best position group. It was Atlanta's best position group the year they went to the SB. It's Tampa Bay's best position group this year.

    It just depends on what else such a team has in addition. There's nothing inherently wrong about having your best position group be receiver.
  7. big dog cowboy

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    Last Feb with Hill, Watkins and Kelce.
  8. School

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    A strong passing game is positively correlated to winning. WRs help you have a stronger passing game, so it's not a bad idea to have good ones.

    Chiefs, Bills and Packers all have strong passing games and at least one elite pass catcher. Bucs have Evans, Godwin and Brown.
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    the Kurt Warner Arizona team should’ve won it...pretty tremendous trio.
    But I agree that’s not the best way to build. However we are Monday morning QB’ing three separate decisions that led to our current wealth at WR. We went and got Coop when we had NOTHING at WR. We still needed another so we use a MID ROUND pick on Gallup not knowing if he’d develop into what he has and also having no idea a dynamo like Lamb would fall to us two years later. Three separate decision that looked right at the time but left us short at other positions. No way I pass on Lamb when he was one of the best players in the entire draft and falls to you...that’s how you end up missing on players like Randy Moss and Aaron Rodgers.
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    Jerry likes shiny, flashy things. Undoubtedly, drafting WRs fills that void for him! :grin:
    Apparently, it never occurred to him that defense is important, too! Who knew?! :huh:
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    We are definitely blessed with our receivers.

    And throwing the ball is going to be how you win consistently. So once Dak should stabilize things.

    TE still must be addressed. It was plainly clear this weekend how the TEs are used attacking once inside the 30. When the passing lanes get compressed the WRs lose their effectiveness and you must hit your 6-4 heavy receiver and slam the ball with short passes.

    It helps if you are Mahomes and can move and free the receivers freelances to break free.

    But we all saw alot of good OL play this Sunday. Let us take that for what it's worth.
  13. ClappingCarrot

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    This is dumb. 3 out of the 4 teams left in the playoffs have a tremendous group of pass catchers.

    The other has Rodgers and Davante Adams. These types of players matter, and Dallas is fortunate to have gotten them when and how they did.
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    Matt Millen is looking down with a smile.
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    And 90 percent of the board wants the defense strength to be secondary. Lost fanbase
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    It is the Detroit Lions model. We got this baby hang in there.
  17. MyFairLady

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    Winning the line of scrimmage is so last year. When we start scoring 50 per game Jaylon and the gang will be just fine.

    ABQCOWBOY Regular Joe....

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    Strength of this team is, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, the OL.
  19. Future

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    Uh, the Bills, Chiefs, and Buccs, literally right now.

    It's not about WRs specifically, but the talent in your passing game that matters - including OL and QB. Without a standalone passing game, you don't have jack. I don't know how people have watched the playoffs this year and think "You know what, Dallas has too much invested in the passing game." The Titans, Ravens, Rams, Browns..teams who are built to run first, have all gotten curb stomped by prolific passing offenses. It's crazy to think you should invest heavily in any other unit.
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    I agree, I think the cowboys can get away with their current TE group if they can significantly upgrade defensively, but I wouldn’t be shocked at all to see Kyle pitts be the selection if we stay at pick 10. Especially in this offense, the TE is loaded with targets. Having a true mismatch at the position would be a monster advantage.
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