Video: T.O. discusses time in Dallas, issues with Romo, Witten, Garrett

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Sep 14, 2021.

  1. Bob-Lillys-War

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    Garrett fueled this beef .

    Im so glad he is with the Giants now !
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  2. JoeKing

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    T.O. and Dez were lockeroom cancer. They both got what was coming to them. Romo and Witten were right to get those two fired.

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  3. Hoofbite

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    This is like the Rick James skit.

    “Me and Witten had no problems. Yeah I remember Witten conspiring with Romo and Garrett to get me off the team”
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  4. Sarge

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    We have a winner here.
  5. Cmac

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    Ok.....we good. You realize McNabb started getting removed from teams, after Philly.
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  6. Cmac

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    So they conspired JoeKing?.......sounds like you'd be ok with the BFF/0 ring mentality? Just sayin'.
  7. Hadenough

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    Before he was released his hands turned to stone and he was having too many dropped passes. He wasn't the most well like player and It wouldn't surprise me if there was a conspiracy to get him outta there.
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  8. The Natural

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    Wrong. Had we had a couple more guys like Dez we might have been able to overcome that buffoon Jason Garrett and win a championship. Too many go along get along choir boys and not enough dogs.
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  9. America's Cowboy

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    One could not only sense it but also see it from the actions on the field and sidelines against T.O. coming from Garrett, Romo and Witten. Jerry brought in one of the best WRs in the history of the NFL (T. O. was proud to be a Dallas Cowboy. You could see it.), yet the threesome buddies (Garrett, Romo & Witten) couldn't contain their angst against T.O., thus affecting what could have been accomplished.
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  10. terra

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    Those supporting TO are all those who hated Romo and or witten so I just figure more of the same from stupid people.
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  11. America's Cowboy

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    The stupid ones are those for believing in Garrett, Romo and Witten. At least T.O. reached a Super Bowl, is in the HOF and is one of the Top 3 WRs ever in NFL history.
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  12. McKDaddy

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    Even if that were true (& it may be), who's to say the cabal wasn't acting in the best interest of the team?

    Look, I respect TO the player and I truly feel for TO's psychological damage as a child. I'll even say, he seems to have some valid points on some issues (in previous interviews. I didn't watch this clip). However, it is well documented that TO would create disrespect, paranoia, enemies in his mind and then begin to react to his "perception" which others didn't see as reality. Those things are what drove a wedge between him & teammates, organizations.
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  13. Cmac

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    When it comes to bad teammate or cancer.....guess T.O. performance in the SB for Philly, signing a waiver to play, and ballin' simply going to be dismissed completely, discarded, dismissed, overlooked, or simply thrown away. On the other hand, a trip to Cabo by our "leadership" (and publicized by the media) gets excuses or downplay before a "big" game. C'mon Posters! Anybody else would be marveled about. Jack Youngblood got praised and commended.

    As for McNabb......Shanahan replaced him mid-stream with Rex Grossman! due to locker room/playbook issues and made him the 3rd string QB. The Eagles traded him within the division.

    As for JWitt......retired AFTER the draft.....comes back to wreck Jarwin's development with open and welcoming arms. No questions. Gruden didn't do that in Vegas to Waller (and I'm not comparing Jarwin to Waller or Waller to Witt). On the other hand, JJ parted ways with Dez (not disputing), but AFTER the market is dry. Hmmm!

    As for the 'Boys.....playin' with emotion or being truthful will get you out of here. Might explain some of times we see the team come out flat in games, only to wake up too late or too far behind. (Maybe stale JGarrett/MM pre-game speeches, and no accountability). Not always performance based, it seems you have to be liked and a fan favorite, then you can "milk" a few more years on this team. When Dez got crucified against Detroit because Megatron was having a HOF game, that should have been Brandon Carr going to the staff about getting help with Megatron, instead of being left on an island, ALL game. Media and this board spun it on Dez about Megatron's performance instead of team failing to make adjustments and allowing the Lions to come back, upset them and take milk from a baby. That game showed me we were pretenders, not contenders. We've certainly seen some coaches leave us befuddled. We all know Zeke, Jaylon, and DLaw will be out of here soon, that's coming. And it will probably be a good thing for each of them.

    My take.....we all got 'em. The beauty of the board.
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  14. fivetwos

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    Finally listened to this.

    Didn't realize the cut happened after the extention with no games in between.

    Is that true? Anyone recall?

    Sorry if mentioned. Didn't read seven pages.
  15. Zekeats

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    True story
  16. eromeopolk

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    Typical Jerry Dumbo GM Jones. Trade for a WR on a 0-16 team that was going to get released at the end of the season due to the young and Hall of Fame WR depth.
  17. eromeopolk

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    There is only 2 things to say...Truth hurts you will be in pain. Truth drives you crazy you will be insane.

    That goes for all involved.
  18. phildadon86

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    Considering even after he retired TO was calling for Garretts head for years should say it all.
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  19. Captain-Crash

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    tell him to shut up and do some more setups in the driveway. sheesh.
  20. CowboysFaninHouston

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    TO was selfish and everything was always about him.....Dez was just immature...he never grew up

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