Twitter: Taco tweet about pash rush

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JustDezIt, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Section446

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    Another Claiborne style bust.
  2. boysfaninMI

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  3. SoupcanSam

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    So I guess we are pulling to be the social media drama Queens in the nfl.

    Beasley, Irving, woods, tacobell.......we are on fire.

    Keep it comin
  4. boysfaninMI

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    State of the Union dude. These morons grew up in a social media age and think this is normal. "Top celebrities and politicians do it, so why not me?"

    I guess teams could try to adopt a policy but then they're curtailing free speech. I'm ALL for free speech except when dumb people like the ones in your post tweet too much. Then, not so much.
  5. CF74

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    I guess if I got paid enough I could whine. Oh wait I’m not the star...
  6. 8FOR!3

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    Isn't he basically just saying that he thinks pass rush will be fine now that he's going to be on the field more with Gregory done? I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Obviously he needs to back his words up but I'm sure if he gains some strength and weight he'll be fine.
  7. cmoney23

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    Fans: Taco sucks. Taco sucks. Taco sucks

    Taco: Here's why statically I sucked.

    Fans: Shut up, you suck, stop crying and stop sucking.

  8. mattjames2010

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    He does suck and hasn't found a way to get consecutive starts due to his play. If he was a pass rusher and had that skillset, he'd be in more on passing downs.

    And even a deep look into his play, he still ranked fairly low among LEs. There's no way to get around this, the guy just hasn't impressed.
  9. Common Sense

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    The front office should trade this fool for whatever they can get. You know he wouldn't still be a Patriot at this point. Why do we settle for this kind of garbage?
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  10. Zordon

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    Only player I dislike.
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  11. DallasDW00ds0n

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    Easily could have proved us wrong by making plays when he played
  12. Rockport

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    Sounds like he’s been to this forum.
  13. blueblood70

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    im sure theres a ring of truth to it,he was in the dog house a lot last year, with more playing time how do we know he cant get better and be solid contributor.. Gregory and Lawerence at tone time were questioned and dogged in this same manner..

    He needs to work harder in practice and show coaches he wants to to earn his spot..
  14. ninja

    ninja Numbnuts

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    Yeah, that is the way I took it. But, haters gonna hate. Don't grade him on sacks if he is responsible for run support on the plays he is in there.
    Having said that, he needs to step up his game even more now. No excuses. He has not produced like a first rounder should have.
  15. 8FOR!3

    8FOR!3 Well-Known Member

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    That I agree with. But it seems like guys with his body type take a couple of years to really be productive.
  16. Keithfansince5

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    Real question, why do people feel so compelled to be on Twitter, Facebook, or any other Social site? Is having fake friends important? What is the novelty? Is it just a novelty that will wear off someday? At least on this site, when we post those who read it share being a fan of the same team. On Twitter it is just all random people. I honestly do not get it what the deal is. Maybe the media constantly using Twitter comments in their news casts keeps the relevancy of social media in the eyes of the lemmings, err, masses?
  17. Idgit

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    Me, too. Even if he were better, I still wouldn’t like him.
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  18. CT Dal Fan

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    So far Taco represents one of the worst kinds of player for an NFL roster:

    He's very talented, does not play anywhere close to his talent level, and is oblivious to the fact that he does not do so.

    It's easy to criticize the Cowboys' coaching staff, but if the Rod Marinelli-Kris Richard duo couldn't light a fire under Charlton my guess is it may never happen.
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  19. Beast_from_East

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    95% of this board wanted JJ. Watt's little brother...……....the 5% that are homers all told us to shut up, the team knows more than us.

    Fast forward 2 years later............Watt is making probowls and Taco is on Twitter defending his 1 sack season:facepalm:
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  20. Setackin

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    It was rhetorical, cause Taco isn’t a millennial he’s gen z. Millennials are from 25-40

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