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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BaileyRiley1, May 10, 2022.

  1. Proof

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    i love strawmen. you can’t find a single person to say that play doesn’t matter because it isn’t a sack lol
  2. Hennessy_King

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    Lol playing 60% of snaps is not giving it your all. Hes not an impact player and takes too many plays off. Constantly leaving the field on crucial 3rd downs.
  3. Cowfan75

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    Like any other Cowboy, vanished in big games. Glad we got him tho!!! Status quo.
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  4. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    Eh...he's in the ten pound club. Tank, Williams, Armstrong, Basham, and Fowler should all add about ten pounds each. That way the season won't best up on them too much. Heck we might have to carry 6 DE's this year, just to keep them fresh, for the late push.

    6 DE's and 5 DT's.
  5. plymkr

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    DLaw has played in 66% of the playoff wins since 1996. Same with Zach Martin. Romo, Dak, Elliot, Ware, Beasely, TWill, Dez, Witten all have 33% of the playoff wins since '96.

    The most depressing and terrifying stat is Jerry Jones has 3 playoff wins under his belt since 96. The ultimate HotBoy that needs to go is Jerry.
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  6. MyFairLady

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    Highest paid player and "leader" of the worst defenses in Cowboy history. Best years ever are contract years by far. Uses injuries as negotiating tactics. Focuses on HotBoyz brand instead of football. Whats not to love.
  7. blueblood70

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    you mean THEY??? so individuals now are holding the loss buckets all by themselves LMAO, get that nonsense out of here. i think you are late for your cross knitting class..go judge knitting because you are clueless on team sports. its very telling by your reply.
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  8. Corso

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    Lol that 's the coach's choice busta bust.
  9. Creeper

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    Lawrence is a very good player. He just wasn't worth $21 million per year. But the Cowboys defense was definitely better when he returned from injury last year.
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  10. J_Allen

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    Was he not on the teams? Yeah, he was.

    He has one playoff win on his resume. My point stands.
  11. Manwiththeplan

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    he played in the detroit game his rookie year as well as the seattle game from 2018 or so...had a sack, 2 FR and a FF in that detroit game
  12. J_Allen

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    Okay thanks
  13. MapleLeaf

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    I think you can apply this to every Cowboys player since the last SuperBowl. Plus the coaches, the scouts and the mgmt.

    Anyone who has a hand in talent acquisition, training, rehab, coordination, play calling, playing, contracts and management. Everyone.

    So in essence there has not been one single Cowboys player, employee in the above categories who has been worth their salary based on being part of the team during this SuperBowl drought.

    Doesn't matter if you had a HoF career or were statistically in the top of your position group categories. You haven't been worth the money.
  14. J_Allen

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    You are exactly right. To me he's just one of the people who pads his stats, makes a lot of money, and retires. How many players have done the exact same thing? Larry Allen would have gone out without a Super Bowl if we hadn't gotten lucky to even be there in the first place, let alone the two picks in the second half.

    This culture needs some major, major changes.
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  15. conner01

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    It’s telling me that winning is not about a single player but a whole team
    If we had 53 guys who played with his effort we’d have more wins
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  16. tm1119

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    He’s fully guaranteed 26 million next year. Myles Garrett has the biggest DE contract in the nfl and his average salary per year is 25 mi.

    Lawrence didn’t do the franchise any favors
  17. J_Allen

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    Are we talking about the same guy who held out of having surgery until he got a new contract and since then never produced according to how much he's paid? How many games did he play in last year?

    As far as I'm concerned he's part of the problem. Because now we can't sign the players we want to because he has a huge chunk of the cap. We need a lot more leaders on this team and he's not one of them.

    If you elect to not have surgery then you're not a team player and you can go play for someone else. But of course that **** around here is tolerated.
  18. tunahelper

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    His contract is more reasonable now as well.
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  19. Stash

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    The ‘favor’ is in the years before and after that one. His cap hit this year was sliced in half. And his hit in 2024 is low as well.
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  20. MyFairLady

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    Anyone who think D Flaw would do anyone favors is dreaming. D Flaw is in it for D Flaw. He has pretty much said it himself. If he signed a contract or a contract extension it is because it was the most amount of money his grubby little fingers could get.

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