Tank the season to go after Trevor Lawrence at QB? Thread **merged**

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by America's Cowboy, Oct 26, 2020.

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    Well.. Fortunately I always said Dak was better than Dalton.

    My QB evaluations over the years have been ridiculously good.. Someone should actually be paying me.

    But if you want to grade me on a scale of not being perfect about Dalton then go ahead.

    I think any football guy wouldn't just look at this and blame Dalton. Dalton to me is way down the list.

    In terms of he vs Dak.. Neither one is changing the outcomes of games. They aren't that type of player.

    And before me saying that upsets you please let me point out for the millionth time.. Dak is a better player than Dalton.

    I guess I just like my L's to be cheaper.
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    Even if we get in the position to draft Lawrence, unless Dak has a major setback where he's out for next season...we WILL NOT draft Lawrence. I guarantee it!
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    What does this have to do with giving Dak his money isn't an excuse to not also giving him an elite roster?

    Again, according to many here, Dallas had probably the most talented roster in the NFL in 2016 yet Romo was on a massive deal.

    So giving Dak a massive deal doesn't preclude Dallas from getting Dak an elite roster.
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    So Cowboys sucked with Dak playing some of the best football in the league but you think a rookie QB will duplicate or play better than that? Good luck with that lol.
  5. CATCH17

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    We need to do what championship teams are doing and stop romanticizing good regular seasons that we had way back when and repeating that.

    2016 was a 1 and done season. It was fun but a huge disappointment considering we had homefield throughout.
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    we did not have an elite roster in 2014 or 2016. We had a damn good Oline and skilled positions, but our defense hasnt been elite since Jimmy's days. You simply can not have elite rosters on both sides of the ball, not in the cap era.

    Name me the team that you think is ELITE on both sides of the ball?
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    This thread is now at least 12 pages long.

    The Anti-Dak crowd has successfully baited us all into ignoring the crap they said about Dalton being at least as good, if not better, than Dak...in order to focus on a QB that isn't even in the NFL.

    Instead of defending their moronic position (well the OP tried to defend it for about a week) after this game, that idiotic crowd abandoned ship and is now focusing on everything but the fact that without the "weight" that "held down the offense" Dallas has essentially put up 6 points in two games.

    Mission accomplished I guess.
  8. Reid1boys

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    and that happens damn near every year. When I was a kid, it seemed the number 1 or 2 seed was almost a guarantee to be in the sb. Since the cap really took hold, how many times do 1 and 2 seeds get bounced in their 1st game? very often, it isnt something that is only unique to Dallas. Stop viewing this league through Dallas Cowboys glasses.

    The Steelers are 6-0 and had a 20 point lead yesterday and almost blew it.... what happened?
    Seattle was in total control last night in the 4th and blew it. We can play this game every stinking week in this league. The difference between wins and loses is one play in many, many games. Ask the Bengals, ask the Falcons, ask the Chargers.
  9. CATCH17

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    Teams with first round byes have been dominating in the playoffs lately. I'm not looking through Dallas Cowboys glasses at all.

    I can't remember the last time a wildcard team went to and won a Superbowl game.

    Having a bye is everything now days.
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  10. Sevenup3000

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    Did or did we not have an elite roster in 2016?

    Now I want you to think this one through before you answer. Because your crowd has always claimed that ANY QB could win in 2016 because of how "stacked the roster was."

    So either you admit 2016 Dallas Cowboys were not a good roster (which makes Dak rookie season all the more impressive) or you admit that Dallas can indeed build an elite roster after giving a massive deal to their QB.

    Please advise,
  11. Reid1boys

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    from 2007-16, 14 teams that played on wild card weekend upset a #1 or #2 seed coming off a first round bye. The New York Giants did it in both 2007 and 2011 en route to winning the Super Bowl, as did the 2010 Green Bay Packers and 2012 Baltimore Ravens. The 2008 Arizona Cardinals pulled off the upset, but came up short in the Super Bowl.

    So half the years saw a team that won on wild card weekend represent their conference in the Super Bowl- but since there’s two slots in the Super Bowl, that means that 75% of the Super Bowl teams received a first round bye. While five of the six Super Bowls from 2007-11 featured a team that played on wild card weekend (2009 between the #1 seeds Colts and Saints the exception), the past four Super Bowls have been between two teams with a bye week.

    But generally speaking, there’s usually one “upset” during the divisional round as the home team wins 70% of the time.

    Three of the 14 upsets over the past decade belong to Peyton Manning’s teams as they lost to the 2007-08 San Diego Chargers, 2012-13 Baltimore Ravens, and 2014-15 Indianapolis Colts while favored by 11-, 9-, and 7-points, respectively.
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    I still say its addition by subtraction. I don't dislike Dak. But I don't care if he walks because football is a team sport unlike other teams sports.

    In baseball an average team can add a pitcher which makes them a play-off contender.
    In basketball one player can make the difference between a 2nd seed and 10th seed.

    But here's the difference: That pitcher is playing both the offense and defense. He's serving up the strikes and balls, getting the Ks, and making plays in the field.
    That basketball player is playing both ends of the court, he's scoring and he's getting blocks, steals, and turnovers.

    No player does that in football. They play 11 on offense and 11 on defense. 11 go off and a different 11 come on which means you need a leaders on both parts to make an impact.

    If you like Dak, you can keep Dak. And you'll still be looking at 8-8 while Burrows, Herbert, Murray, and Jackson are looking at play-off and Super Bowls.
    And you'll have each year to go into with the hope, "This is our year, we got Dak!" to look forward too.
    Start your cheer....

    "DAK! DAK! He's out man
    If Dak can't do it
    Nobody can!"
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  13. Sevenup3000

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    So then a rookie Dak Prescott came in without an elite roster and went 13-2, only losing by 4 total points in 2 games to the Giants.

    Well, Dak should be paid based on that alone.

    Glad we cleared that up.

    So the next time someone mentioned how stacked of a team Dak had or came into or how any QB could do what Dak did because of how great the roster was back in 2016...I expect you to quickly correct the record that Dallas indeed did not have an elite roster.

    Very good.
  14. Reid1boys

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    well if he could stay healthy, they could start russel wilson on defense at Safety and it wouldt change their record one bit. Team sport>?? Sure, as long as you have a damn good qb.

    Name me the top 10 teams in the NFL in your opinion. Lets see how many have avg behind center. Can it happen? sure..... because as I pointed out, about once every 7 years an avg Joe wins a SB.
  15. Reid1boys

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    You guys keep saying "Dak should be paid," please explain to me how the deal the Cowboys offered wasnt paying Dak?
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    Oh his response to this should be legendary.
  17. garyo1954

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    Have you got anything to say that makes decent sense?
    Or do you just want to argue about my opinion vs your opinion?

    Clue you in: I don't do that nonsense. If you want to argue about starting Russell Wilson at Safety call Seattle and tell them how much you care.
    Otherwise you're talking nonsense that no coach would listen too.
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  18. DFWJC

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    I think he's a franchise guy and of course he's better than Dalton, but....
    you guys--and some on the networks--need to quit throwing out those VERY misleading numbers vs literally the 3 very worst pass defenses in the league.
    • 32 Seattle
    • 31 Atlanta
    • 30 Cleveland
    No defense that we would play the rest of the year will be that bad.

    I mean, Washington's pass D was the exact opposite----they are #1.

    OF COURSE the numbers will be radically different.

    You can't possibly think those passing numbers vs the three worst pass defenses in the league were numbers he was going to produce for the season.

    He did put up 266 on the Rams and about 166 in just under 3 qtrs vs the Giants---which were much more indicative of good (Rams) to average (NY).
    He had 1 TD and 1 int combined in those games.

    His passer rating was 14th in the league.
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  19. Seven

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    Thanks for the info and your effort.

    However.......and you can guess what I'm gonna say. So I'll leave it at that.

    I've watched this dude AND I think he's very good. In college.

    With that said...... wherever this kid goes, I hope be succeeds. He deserves it.
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  20. Walker

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    We are not getting the #1 pick so there is no road. If we only have won 1 game then there would be a chance, but were right now ideally going to be sitting at around 5-10.
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