Tavon Austin ruled out Sunday

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by SeanLee50, Sep 13, 2019 at 2:24 PM.

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  4. ClappingCarrot

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    Redskins in midseason form already with the injury report.
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  5. Eanwen

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    That probably makes the most sense, but with Pollard around I might be tempted to activate Taco and see how he performs.
  6. Jake

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    Austin provided 195 yards on 14 touches in 7 games last season. Everyone remembers the bomb against NY but that's pretty much all he contributed the entire season.

    Anything Dallas gets from him in 2019 will be gravy.
  7. cowboyblue22

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    they should move on from him bring Wilson up from the practice squad and get rid of austin
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  8. Number1

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    Smith brings a pretty complete game and can play all WR spots well, and has a serious deep game

    be interesting how / if they use him
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  9. J12B

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    Nice to see that Donovan Wilson was a full participant in Friday's practice.

    Excited to see him play.
  10. Furboy

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    Agreed, I think it's time for that.
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  11. glimmerman

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    Call Cedric Wilson up from PS. Let Austin heal up.
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  12. Furboy

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    Agreed, IR Austin (as he'll probably end up there anyway) and call up Cedric Wilson.
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  13. Cowboy4ever

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    I would like to see Wilson called up but I don't know who they would release to do that. But we only have 4 WR now with Austin out but I think Pollard can be used in the Austin Role but then we have no back up for Zeke.

    I will be interested to see how they handle this Sunday.
  14. Corso

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    I disagree.
  15. dwreck27

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    Should have gotten the nod from the start
  16. Super_Kazuya

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    Good to see Cobb’s rib did not end up being an issue after Garrett mentioned it on Monday... but it’s probably only a matter of time with him too. At least Gallup is young and strong...
  17. Furboy

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    Well, let's face it, Austin is made of glass. Got hurt a lot last season. May as well put him where he ends up and seeing how Wilson can handle a real NFL regular season game imo.
  18. OmerV

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    As always, your in depth analysis is spot on.:thumbup:
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  19. ninja

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    Skins could be without 2 CBs, one is doubtful and the other questionable. That could be huge.
    Skins already missing Allen, Trent Williams, Guice, and Jordan.
  20. Corso

    Corso Offseason mode... sleepy time

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    Thank you.
    I have never advertised myself as an analyst, but for your pleasure:
    Cedric Wilson is your run-of-the-mill WR4-5 while Tavon has special skills and demands attention when on the field.
    Think the D doesn't watch him on a jet sweep, or any other play he's in on? They watch. Ced? He's another guy.
    Yes, he gets injured a lot, but he has uses that's more for the toolbox of play-calling and threats than Ced could ever be.

    Ced is just a dude while Tavon, when put in the right place, can do special things.

    So... I disagree.

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