The Big Picture of the Garrett Era

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, Dec 16, 2019.

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    My personal opinion is the hallmark for a team is the NFC Championship game. Landry said he tries to stay close and get into that game. Then you can pop through every few years and have a chance at the prize.

    To grade a coach on this criteria is harsh his first couple of years. But making the play-offs is imperative. Once a coach has established he can lead a team to the play-offs, the expectation is the NFC Championship game. The escalate to the Super Bowl.

    That should be the five year plan for every coach brought in to lead this team.

    With Garrett, his third year at 8-8 would get him fired with this plan.

    I understand there are extenuating circumstances which can derail a season. Cap space, injury, age of team. But I also believe making and accepting excuses is how you get to 23 years of nothing.

    I agree with so much of your original post. Once again, great work.
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    You're absolutely right on point. I'd go as far to say even last year was a very up and down season. 9 years is definitely a large enough sample size to know what you have in a coach.
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    only the fans can make him by not excepting mediocrity teams year after year. Jerry only wants a puppet coach, such a selfish old man he is. He's another Al Davis, doesn't put the teams needs above his. One day he's going to have to.
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    your right, Jerry needs to remember what brought him his Superbowl's. No puppet coach did.
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    he will too, if Urban came in he'd make Garrett look like an amateur. How good Dak Prescott would be under Urban.
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    Disagree. He doesn't want to win, he wants credence. Why is THAT so hard for all fans to see?
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    Of course. He only wants to win his way. And if he can’t receive credit isn’t interested in winning.
    But IDK why all fans don’t see it?
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  8. Bobhaze

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    You first. I can’t think of a single credible head coach who can succeed here without Jerry changing his ways and ceding control over to the the NFL owners who have been winning SBs the last 24 years.
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    The NFC is stacked this year?

    I think we can/will hold our own in the playoffs, no matter who we face.

    Saints - we barely lost to them by 2, & we missed a FG
    Seahawks - just got pounded last week by none other than the team we just trounced.
    San Fran - just lost to 4-9 Atlanta AT HOME!
    Green Bay- we lost by a TD, but they are beatable.
    Minnesota- we barely lost by 4, and we played like crap, very beatable...
    Those are our NFC playoff opponents.
    Am not scared of any of them!... and I'm sure none of them want to face us.
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    A decade of wasted talent.
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  11. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Some fans think he's a great owner and a bad GM. Don't know how he can be both.
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    Fans who aren't paying attention don't come here, man. You're preaching to the choir.

    And with Jerry in charge and it not mattering much..that's true, but it's no excuse for any coach. The same thing over and over (like Garrett) certainly isn't working. We know the Jerry part of the equation isn't going to change, so something has to or there is no chance ever. There could be guys out there better at mitigating Jerry.. Why not demand a coaching change?
  13. kramskoi

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    Whatever man. Garrett should've followed Wade out the door in 2010. This near ten year experiment of trying to force a square peg into a round hole should come to an end THIS year. A team that only wants to play when its back is against the wall is the same team that can't answer the bell consistently week in / week out. The season is damn near over and the Cowboys have JUST beaten a team with a winning record. The division should've been wrapped up by Thanksgiving with the type of offensive talent they have. Instead they are facing a real danger of not winning the division and missing the playoffs.
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    I already believe there’s not much chance.Its what Troy is saying.

    We’ve had other puppets and even a Big Name this era with no better influences or results.

    I’m in the mindset this is as good as it gets with Jerry this era.

    And I’m not convinced he’ll bring in another Big Name.

    But sure . Bring in another puppet. For Jason’s sake I hope we do move on. He deserves a normal situation. We’re screwed with Jerry.
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  15. Number1

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    you made my point

    anyone thinking JJ's gonna hand the keys to anyone but family - because you, most fans (me included), and the media think it's his best move - must have missed the last 3 decades

    there's a better chance casting spells will raise Clint Murchison II or Bum Bright from the grave.

    But, you might consider starting a company ... raise enough to buy him out ... $10B+ might do
    I'll kick in a dub on it.

    BTW, JG is a smart guy - don't count him out.
  16. tecolote

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    Garrett’s legacy will be the fact that he wasted the careers of a lot of very good players in his ten years as a coach.
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  17. Motown12

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    Agree on all points. This is unfortunately part of JJ's flawed logic and why he gets so defensive when people bring this topic up. "Why would I change the way things are done?, this is the same way things were done in 1989 and the reason why the Cowboys won more Super Bowls in his first 6 years as the GM then the prior regime did in 29 years. He was the GM and Jimmy Johnson/Barry Switzer was the coach, just like now. As if anyone else believes he was making those draft picks/trades that created a dynasty. We saw what happened when he took control of the draft in 1994 as he and Lacewell quickly brought this franchise to its knees with almost a decade of drafts that were the worst in the NFL before hiring Bill Parcells.

    And while we got Bill Parcells at the end and his drafts were far from perfect, he brought structure, discipline, completely changed the culture and brought the franchise from a laughingstock back to respectability. And after seeing this turn around firsthand, what did JJ do when Parcells left? He hired Wade Phillips, a respected DC who had been a failure an an intern HC at multiple stops with nothing on his resume to suggest this would change. And sure enough after that 13-3 2007 season in his first year, a lack of discipline, accountability, bad drafts, and a toxic locker room once again brought this franchise to its knees.

    Multiple people have said he was, and still is a great admirer of Sean Payton and he would have been the next HC if not for the bad timing of when Parcells left and Payton went to NO. I'm sure he wonders what would have happened in that scenario. I think that would have been his dream scenario. If Payton with a young Romo brings this franchise a Super Bowl, JJ gets the credit and the validation he so desperately craves as a "football guy" for seeing the genius of Payton before anyone else did. Hard to believe now that Parcells basically demoted Payton mid season and stripped him of his play calling unless my memory is wrong on this topic. Now Payton is seen as an offensive mastermind with a QB who just broke the record for most TD's thrown in NFL history.
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  18. Diehardblues

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    Actually that’s Jerry’s legacy. One in which he’s already admitted with Romo era.

    Remember Garrett is here because of Jerry.
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  19. DuncanIso

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    the big reason we need a change...our window of opportunity is closing. fast...

    Zeke and Dak are half way through their elite years.

    The OL is going to need a rebuild in 3-4 years also.

    The defense and special teams coordinators are going to need replacements too.
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    Agreed. I was especially bummed when Sean Payton went to New Orleans. It was a double dagger when Parcells left after '06. If Tuna woulda stayed another year, I think he would've got us to at least the NFC Championship in '07.
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