The calls the refs missed vs. the bad ones they made

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboysFaninHouston, Nov 26, 2021.

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    Blaming he refs is weak. Cowboys need to man up.
  2. CowboysFaninHouston

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    Cowboys should have been better and won. But denying the refs had a hand in this loss is closing your eyes.
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    Here's theing Cowboiy Roy - you don't know that.

    The NFL could show you are right beyond a doubt by simply addressing 3 things = Competency Consistency, and Clarity

    1 Competency - Hire full-time officials and so they can work at the skills needed to officiate the game better and more accurately. They get most calls right, but most calls isn't enough and shouldn't be to any fans of any team. Make officating their full-time job where they actually work mid-week studying and practicing their craft and honing the intellectual knowledge and visual judgment of t NFL's rules and it will improve vastly

    2 Consistency - This would follow on directly from competency naturally but needs again to be trained every week between games in fact stressed. This doesn't mean you can't call the 4 DPI s on Anthony Brown (The only one I really didn't like was the one in the End Zone). It just means you also call that same kind of contact tn the other team when it happens. If all those calls on Anthony Brown were correct then you cannot honestly Dalton Schultz wasn't interfered on the 2nd down pass on our game-tying. You cannot say that. And this is the thing - if you don't practice consistency every call is wrong no matter what because there is no way to say any call is actually right. Consistency is critical here and again with full-time officials they would be able to work at developing that consistency better.

    3 - Clarity - Why wasn't that Waller fumble a fumble? To say the situation is unclear puts it mildly. The video shows that when Waller actually caught the pass not only was his back turned to the defender Kearse but he was facing back toward the quarterback and the pass slightly behind him. If anything he was running back toward the ball and passer not already running up field as many claim - that would have been the case if the ball was out just ahead of him as it was supposed to be.So why wasn't it reviewed more carefully given that in fact it was a scoring play/turnover review. I will note I actually thought it was incomplete at first look but was in the kitchen and not right in front of the TV. It was decided almost instantaneously or certainly more quickly than a lot of those reviews are involving catch decisions on turnovers given that the booth could slow it down the same way you or I can on Youtube to see when and where Waller caught the ball. The ball was behind him on the crossing rute and that forced him to turn up field where he did. If it's thrown where Waller was expecting it, he just follows ball up field as he catches blows by the outside defender and runs away from Kearse as well for a fairly big gain. All you need to get that right is take 30 seconds to a minute more. On a scoring or turnover review that should be standard operating procedure. Get the call right, period.

    The problem is the NFL doesn't seem to want to improve competency consistency and most importantly, clarity and that inevitably raises questions about the game's integrity., and not just for Cowboy fans in Dallas. Read Mike Florio's Pro Football Today piece from November 2nd.about the phantom face mask in the Chiefs - Giants game. I daresay he knows more about the NFL than you or I combined, and he warns about the threat of poor officiating and the failure to correct it to the integrity of the game. He has a daily show NBCSN and is a Football Night in America regular, not just some frustrated fan.

    The NFL has known these problems have existed certainly since the television era yet refuse to address any of them, and this leads as it inevitably will to the question or questions of conspiracy or conspiracies.The NFL could put it all to bed not by us pretending it isn't happening ecause that will only work so long, but by addressing those three issues. The thing is they won't and don't want to apparently and offer no valid explanation as to why honestly, so you tell me, short of ignoring reality and yur own eyes and common sense, why shouldn't fans wonder why the won't fix problems they could easily fix?
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    It wasn't challengable.
  5. CowboyRoy

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    Yes I do. If you truly think there is a conspiracy then check yourself in.
  6. boysbeyond4ever

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    And here's another problem they could easily fix - goal-line technology so that when the referees can't clearly see when forward progress was stopped and whether ball cossed the plane of the end zone (think Dak' TD in New England - not the fourth down play that was a fumble, But the third down play where nearly all of Dak's entire upper body crossed the plane of the goal line but they decided he was carrying the ball between his legs or something. A chip in the ball shows the ball crossed the plane. We lost a touchdown because of the fact that no one could see the ball ball even though Dak Clearly got it in the end zone. Technology will confirm that when the officials on the field or replay booth cannot quickly effectively and efficiently.

    Another way would simply be to all of the ball must cross all of the line. This idea is a bit far for me, but still it's better than the alternative as of now.

    Again why not consider making the game easier to offciate wherever possible?
  7. boysbeyond4ever

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    And you keep letting them spank your ***... and saying thank you sir may I have another. Cheers
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    Whats crazy about the PI situation with Brown and Quinn knows exactly what is going on by choosing not to employ the same tactic. This is a Pete Carroll staple. You press hard throughout the route from the opening snap. You do it the entire game and challenge the refs to call it every time knowing they won’t. They get used to seeing it and swallow their whistles. However, when you tell your CBs to give cushion at the line and then be physical after five yards, you’re gonna get called. A lot. This team should be in bump and run on the outside when they go to cover one. For all the great publicity Quinn has gotten him, the same glaringly bad calls that plagued him in Atlanta have followed him to Dallas. He clamored for long corners to run press coverage, and then has them play soft. It’s ridiculous.

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