The Cowboys and Vikings are nearly identical at this point of the season

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hot_Toddy, Nov 9, 2019.

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    This game is as close to a "Regular Season/Playoff Game" that the Cowboys have played at the time of match-up:

    1. The Records:
    Cowboys 5-3 and the Vikings 6-3. Both teams are fighting for (or maintaining) 1st in their respective divisions.

    2. A look at Common Opponents and how each team fared:
    • Redskins: Cowboys won by 10 : Vikings Won by 10
    • Eagles: Cowboys won by 17 : Vikings won by 18
    • Giants: Cowboys won by 18 and 19 (2 games) : Vikings won by 18
    • Packers: Cowboys lost by 10 : Vikings lost by 5
    3. Cowboys and Vikings combined records of teams they LOST to:
    • Cowboys lost to: Packers (7-2); Saints (7-1); Jets (1-7): Combined opponent record: 15-10
    • Vikings lost to: Packers (7-2); Chiefs (6-3); Bears (3-5): Combined opponent record 16-10
    The efficiency ratings that I posted here: have the Cowboys Rated 3 overall and the Vikings at 4 overall in efficiency.
    • Now we just need the Cowboys to be "consistently efficient" in all 3 phases of the game.
    Everyone keeps looking ahead to the Patriots in the AFC. We'll cross that bridge when we get there. But this is an NFC game that has higher Playoff and Divisional stakes.

    The above are the stats. What are you looking to see from the Cowboys? Individual match-ups etc?

    I've been waiting for this game. I want to see what this team is made of. Go Cowboys!
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    Superb Post, bro. Should be a great game.
  3. boxer-rumble

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    Great analysis and thanks for the stats.

    It’s down to Zimmer vs Garrett.
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  4. Risen Star

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    Both teams' weakness is QB too.
  5. charron

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    Great post...this will be a great game.
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    Luckily we have the QB advantage over our biggest NFC East rival the Eagles.
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    The buildup to this game has been exciting. Too bad we're going to blow them out...or at least we should.
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  8. Sarge

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    Should come down to coaching.
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    So, basically you’re saying the Vikings are wining..?
  10. phildadon86

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    Can’t be true. @AmariChill says the Vikings dominated!
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    Thanks for this m8. Great breakdown, with factual evidence.
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  12. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    Oh Lord hope not. Hope we just on them right from the start. Do not let it come down to coaching.
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  13. FTWayne

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    I think it will come down to who can pressure the QB the most effectively.
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  14. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    Its basically our offensive line versus theirs. Which line plays the best wins the game. As is the case for most NFL games.
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    Losing Thielen is going to hurt Cousins a lot, which means we can key in on Dalvin Cook. I see this as a predominantly defensive struggle, but we have enough firepower to still score consistently.

    It really isn't fair that they are missing a star on both offense & defense, while we're missing a backup Olineman. Kind of wipes the equality out of the equation.
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  16. Hadenough

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    The Vikings are ranked 12th against the pass and 3rd against the run. That being said Dallas must still run the ball. If Zeke gets over a 100 yds the Cowboys will win.
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    I was afraid somebody was going to say that.
  18. cowboy_ron

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    Trolls are like habitual liars........they tend to forget what they told who.
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  19. cowboy_ron

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    Rut ro
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    no, you are thinking of the Eagles - Vikings.

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