The Cowboys must be better at evaluating Defensive talent

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Aven8, Apr 23, 2021.

  1. Aven8

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    A list of draft picks thrown at the defense the past couple of years.

    Lee- 2nd
    Dlaw- 2nd
    Greg’s- 2nd
    Hill- 2nd
    Gally- 3rd
    LVE- 1st
    Jaylon- 2nd
    Byron- 1st (gone in FA)
    Diggs- 2nd
    Taco- 1st (cut)
    Safety- we don’t value this position

    My point is it’s not like the FO hasn’t given them late picks on Defense, they have just picked the wrong players. Was that Marinelli’s influence? Of course he had input, but the Scouts and McClay have to be accountable as well. They must do better.

    Now look at the offense.
    Dak- 4th (got lucky)
    Zeke- 1st
    Coop- 1st
    Gallup- 3rd
    Tyron- 1st
    Martin- 1st
    Tfred- 1st
    Connor- 2nd
    Collins- UDFA that should have been a high pick.
    Lamb- 1st
    Schultz and Jar look like good players as well.

    Everyone of these players have been successful and have been cornerstones for this team.

    The drafting and evaluation has to improve on Defense. Hopefully Quinn helps with this and the evaluations turn around.
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  2. MyFairLady

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    Don't worry super Jerry gonna swing for the fences and hit a home run this time. River boat gambler time. Trade up for the next Mo C. Draft some second round defenders with broken legs and/or drug problems. We got this gang.
  3. Majic

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    The difference has been on DEF they have drafted based on scheme and that failed. On Offense they drafted best player available and that succeeded.
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  4. dwmyers

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    We've been better at it than the Falcons. Faint praise I know, but I live in the ATL area.

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  5. kskboys

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    On D, it's really not clear what method they were using.
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  6. Tangle_Foot

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    Unfortunately our great owner/GM doesn't think that sugar plums play defense :facepalm:
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  7. Bowdown27

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    I get that. They passed on all pro or pro bowl players because they didn’t fit marinelli scheme.
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  8. Majic

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    D Law, Hill and Taco were all scheme. You could make the case they were all drafted too high
  9. Fuzzee

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    IMO, Will Mclay is really good at picking offensive players but for some reason he and his team has horrible time drafting defense players.

    might be Jerry believes offense puts butts in the seats and pays the bills.
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  10. cowboyec

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    stick to your board.
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  11. charron

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    We are much better at drafting offense for sure. We are pretty good drafting OL early, they way outperform the defenders we have taken early.
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  12. kskboys

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    DLaw is a good player. Overpaid, but a good player.

    Hill was simply a stupid pick. There's no reasoning that makes sense to take him in the 2nd. He's a guy you take in the 5th and hope you can use his incredible burst to make a player out of him.

    Taco was BPA. Not a good pick, but he went later than he was slated to go. Watt would've been the need pick in this scenario.
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  13. CowboysFaninHouston

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    oh, I have been saying this for a long while now. 15 years, 43 defensive picks. one impact player (Lawrence). the argument from many is money to sign FAs and my argument is you can't build through FA. too costly. we have to draft better defensively. that's the only way.
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  14. JoeKing

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    The way they get better at drafting Defense is by giving Dan Quinn more influence on defensive decisions and less to Will McClay. McClay is awesome at offensive draft decisions but less so when it comes to defense. Dan Quinn is in a much better position to draft defensive players that fit the scheme he has in mind.
  15. CATCH17

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    If there was a Chase Young or a Bosa available maybe they would.

    Instead they have corners.. A non impact position.
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  16. John813

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    I think some of the issues is that they find talent, with strings attached to it.

    Sean Lee was a great player, who couldn't stay healthy. Various injuries ruined his promising career.
    Randy Gregory is a talented pass rusher, who had mental issues which made him smoke which made him get suspended longer than Ricky Williams.
    LVE appeared to be the next very good LB for us, but, his neck has SeanLeeitis and the team knew about it but took him anyways
    Jaylon Smith was an athletic freak, supposed high first rounder who suffered a serious knee injury. We take him round 2 and redshirt him and then later coddle his business ideas while extending him.
    Byron Jones had the talent, but was misused as a safety early on. He excelled in man coverage.
    Hill is tbd but his athletic traits were good but mentally he was immature.
    Taco was immature.
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  17. Future

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    Taco is the only one this is true for, and there's no way you can say that DLaw was drafted too high lol.
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  18. Majic

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    At the time D Law was projected to go around 40-60 in the draft. We took him at 34 which was considered a reach, but has turned out to be a good pick. The other 2 were certainly drafted too high
  19. ESisback

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    While McClay and the scouts HAVE made mistakes, IMHO a lot of it was Jerry’s meddling riverboat gambler shtick!
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  20. kskboys

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    Taco was projected to go mid 1st.

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