The Cowboys should sign Keenum, and let Dak decide what to do next

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by leeblair, Feb 5, 2020.

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    I said it to another poster. when you throw facts at him, he either doesn't respond, gets angry and name calls or "his eyes" tell him because he knows me...its coming
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    Yes nothing like saying Trent Dilfer is better than Marino, and thinking Dilfer’s best season was in 2000 when it’s literally the season he became a meme for bad QBs winning Super Bowls. Ignorant trolls do all the work for you, they set up the pins and knock them down too.
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    I agree with upgrading the worst position on the offense........I don’t think I’d go 4 years on any veteran besides Tannahill/jameis tho. I’d be good with 1-2 year deals on dalton, cam, Fitzpatrick, Rosen if he is available.
    I think they will end up signing a veteran to a one year deal and drafting a qb in the 1st round.

    if they are stupid enough to give dak a pay raise, they would be smart to tell dak to go see what he is worth on the open market. I bet dak would come back to Jerry and beg to play for $12m (and that’s still too much money for a backup if you ask me)
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    Man, you are completely out of touch w/ what QB's are being paid today.
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    No, I know what they are being paid. What team would offer Dak big money that isn’t drafting a qb in the first round? Chargers are the only team I can think of that might be interested in dak
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    Case Keenum's has been a starter in this league (starting half or more of his team's games) 5 years in his career.

    His records in those 5 seasons? 0-8, 4-5, 11-3, 6-10, 1-7. His career win-loss record is 27-35. His passer ratings were 78, 76, 98, 81, 91.

    He's had one season during the last 4 years where he was better than Dak, and the rest of his career proves that one season was a fluke.

    In the 5 seasons where Keenum started half his team's games, he posted a losing record every season except one. In the 4 seasons of Dak's career, he's posted a winning record every season but one. But, sure, Keenum is the winner in this discussion.

    The premise that Keenum is a winner is stupid. The premise that he's anywhere near Dak is stupid. The premise that he should be able to bend Dak's leverage back in our favor is hilariously stupid.

    The entire premise of this thread is laughable.

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    Chargers will probably draft Herbert. Dallas should probably put the transition tag on Dak. He probably won't have as big of a problem with as the franchise tag. It actually allows teams to offer him contracts without losing anything.

    Dallas has to make a decision here. Start over with a rookie or pay this guy. I really don't like a lot of the free agent QBs. They either suck hard or are way too old. Tannehill and Jameis? Jameis is garbage! Keenum, Fitzpatrick, Dalton...…...Keenum is flat out backup material. Fitzpatrick plays like Brett Favre drunk. And Andy Dalton is done. That leaves Rosen and Cam. I don't think Cam is coming cheap. And I don't know what to think about Rosen since he's been on trash teams. But he's going to want to get paid too. So I'm thinking pay Dak or go to a rookie.
  10. LetsBeReal

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    I will def vote on the draft a rookie instead of paying dak side. We can def find positions on our roster to spend $30 million dollars we’d save by not giving away money to a guy that, (I guess we agree?) can’t find another team
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    Tannehill is interesting. Coming off a great season. Very athletic guy. Lots of speed for a QB.

    But Spotrac has Tannehills market value 30.5 almost as high as Dak 33.
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    Its very wise to keep an eye on what we have right now, on roster.
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    Remember when I said that, with Garrett gone our fans hold turn on Dak? Because I do.

    Wait until he signs a big extension. It’s gonna be fun for two years until we have enough games in to turn on McCarthy.
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    Garrett failed, now we have a coach who has won at the dance. Most feel we are in a better position now, while nothing is guarenteed.
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    This is a joke right ? you really kept a straight face when typing and posting this message?
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    The only thing that’s laughable and stupid is a troll pretending that Keenum and Dak have played on the same caliber of teams and that win loss is any kind of comparison between the my two. If Dak had played on the teams that Keenum did, he would be cleaning out his locker in the Arena league right now. Dak completely falls apart when he doesn’t have just one of his three All-Pro lineman; Keenum has never had a single All-Pro offensive teammate in his entire career. Talk about laughable.
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    Yet another ridiculous idea regarding qb
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    thank you. moving said idiot to ignore.
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    Yes he would be a solid backup and an improvement over Rush
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    ahhhh, as they say there are lies, then there are damn lies and there is want to use total yards, etc. as a measure...but a losing record? I call that a lot of garbage yards since you tend to add yards, etc. coming from behind......some tend to look at wins since you have leads and you hand off the ball in the end of games and don't add up garbage yards, some look at rings as ultimate measure...ala Aikman a HOF QB, never a top passer.....

    so perhaps you should pick up a football 101 book, educate yourself, listen to some of the folks who may know a thing or two about football before jumping in and making arguments you don't undersand….

    are you and leeblair the same person?

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