News: The Cowboys way: Stephen Jones’ three rules for how the roster is built and maintained

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CCBoy, Apr 16, 2019.

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    The Cowboys way: Stephen Jones’ three rules for how the roster is built and maintained

    And right now, they are working beautifully.

    We’ve seen the results, but how did they get here? Let’s be honest, it has taken a quarter of a century for Dallas to really hit its stride in building what now looks to be the best roster at this point since the departure of Jimmy Johnson and the assumption of the GM mantle by owner Jerry Jones. Part of the long dry spell is undoubtedly that there was a huge amount of learning on the job to be done, and a lot of mistakes were made in the process. But now we may finally see the postseason fruits of doing it right. And the real credit doesn’t go to Jerry. It goes to his son, Stephen Jones, who is the true conductor of the talent acquisition and retention for the team. If you need any evidence for that, here is one big example.

    Todd Archer @toddarcher

    According to sources, a key breakthrough on the negotiations came Thursday when Cowboys executive vice President Stephen Jones and DeMarcus Lawrence talked on the phone directly and were able to listen to each other’s side. The end result was the... …

    6:43 PM - Apr 5, 2019

    Stephen is the cap master and contract guru. Along with the superb job done by Will McClay and the scouting staff, he has established some rules that have become evident the past few years, and hews very closely to them...

    Build first with the draft...

    Once you have the talent, keep it...

    Use free agency, but wisely...
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    Stephen Jones gets it. He's building a championship caliber team the smart way. Looking forward to the next several years and how far this young team can go.
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    First response other than AC’s lone “like” after 90 minutes! Had this been a “Garrett Sucks”, “Jerry’s A Clueless Idiot”, or “There are 28 better QBs than Dak” thread, there would have been over a dozen replies already!

    Negativity, even the repetitive stuff worn out months ago, sells so much better. Too bad.
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    NE and GB had done this for years. Even the Steelers.
    For a long time, these teams it was..draft first, build through that. You rarely seen them go out and sign huge FA contracts, nor did you see their own players leaving. NE knew when to get rid of the older vets, though they seem to have had a year or 2 left in them.

    Now I will say for Dallas, what FA player did they let go that went on and became THAT player to make a huge difference. Actually you can't say that about a lot of players. Unless a team gets several in the right circumstances.

    Anyway, too bad it took Stephen longer to take the reigns away from Jerry on the FA deals from the past. But that is the past. Now they have in under control. Time to see the benefits from it. The last 3 years it has started to show.

    Hoping for the best in the draft this year. Picks 2 and 3 are very important. Even the 4th we can get players to contribute and add depth. But want 2 and 3 to be future starter types, if not starters right away. Like a S & DT.
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    McClay and Stephen have been the difference. If you think about it, what those two guys encapsulate is the makings of a GM. Where Jerry was failing at that job forever, McClay and Stephen now excel at it.

    But notice that there is no mention of coaching. They are still the worst franchise in the NFL when it comes to hiring and firing the right coaches to lead their teams.

    When you have greatness at both of those things with a franchise, then you truly have greatness on the field. Will it be another 25 years until they figure that one out too? ,
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    It's all a waste until Jason Carrot is removed from his coaching position.
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    its easy to say that until you have 4 blue chip players all in the top 10 at their postion come up at the same time for giant deals..Tank, Dak, Coper, and Zeke..

    we will see how he masters the cap on how he plays this with Dak..Dak is the key if you severely overpay him it will hurt the rest..they need to play super hard ball with dak for sure nothing over 28mil but if i was SJ and hes the guru and layer manipulator hes supposed to be hes convincing Dak to take 25 100 over 4 years and offer 65 guaranteed and that will open it up for cooper and zeke..

    every million you give dak over 25 will hurt the others.. and it will all trickle down to losing Zeke..dont think for minute Zeke isnt already whispering in SJ fact hes the most deserving for new LT mega deal as his % of importnace in this offense is obvious but as a RB we all know the fears but what is he thinking if Tank, Coop, and Dak get Mega deals and they try the LBell structure use him up and let him go IE Murray? this can get ugly and again Zeke is truly the man that most desrves the big money regardless of psotion and wear and tear......

    they better be taking looks at RB2 in rounds 3-4 because we need a plan..Zeke will hold out 2020 and most likely not sign FT until game 10..he not eating Ramen when everyones else gets big Tbones..

    So SJ mastery can only be judged on how he handles Dak IMO..
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    I can't see us winning a SB with Garrett as HC. Game management matters.
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    The key to the cap is the draft. We’ve been blessed with some great drafts recently and that’s so important
    That doesn’t change this year, but it gets harder without a one
    We have to hit on a couple of starter quality players. Now that doesn’t mean start day one but be able to replace a guy in a year or two
    Forward looking and BPA is really the key to good drafts as well as scouting
    We need a DT but if there isn’t a 58 worthy DT there you can’t reach
    The important part the draft plays besides building a good roster is allowing you to let good players walk when they become FA or trading them
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    Well, for all you JG haters, this year will be the test. He now has a damn good team and, with a good draft, should be very competitive. If the head coach fails with this team, I believe he will not be resigned. If the Cowboys excel, who knows.
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    I heard on the radio the other day something along the lines of "If you are only looking forward one year, you are living in the past when it comes to building a team".

    That stood out to me, teams have to be preparing for 2-3 years down the road to build/keep a competitive team.

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