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As most of you know, the Fan Zone is the primary Cowboys forum on CZ because most fans come here for Cowboys news, discussion, etc.

Lately it seems more and more non-Cowboys related threads are being posted in the Fan Zone because people assume that users here only read that forum, which is not true.

A lot of users here read new posts on the site using the New Posts link at the top of most pages below the blue menu bar which shows new posts from most forums without having to visit every forum.

For many other users, they prefer to read the forums when they have time.

For example, if you are just checking in to see if there is any breaking news, you may come to the site, go directly to the Fan Zone and do a quick scan. Other times, you may have more time available and check out several forums.

The reason I am posting this is to announce that going forward that in most cases, non-Cowboys related threads posted in the Fan Zone will likely be deleted rather than moved. Users who continue to post non-Cowboys threads in the Fan Zone will lose access to post in the Fan Zone completely.

We hate to have to crack down on this, but CowboysZone is a Dallas Cowboys fan forum and we want to keep at least one forum dedicated to that topic and purpose!
Not open for further replies.