The future is not in the rear view mirror

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, Feb 24, 2020.

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    Seems like I’ve seen a couple dozen topics this offseason about resigning some former Cowboy player of past know guys like-
    • Dez Bryant
    • David Irving
    • Even Jason Witten (the formerly great future HOFer who apparently hasn’t been watching film of his 2019 season)
    Don’t get me wrong. Dez and Witt were great in their day. Witten an all time great. David Irving had loads of talent but couldn’t stay on the field (played in 37 games over 4 years) Those guys are in the rear view not the front view.

    It even gets tiresome to see so much talk about getting a FA like Ndamakong Suh or some other former great signed in the offseason because we’ve heard of them.

    Our future as a team is in the front view of the car, not the past. Every offseason, too many fans hold on to the idea that a player who used to be great is still worth keeping around because of their past, not their future. Despite age, injuries and Father Time taking their toll. The offseason is made for evaluating whether a player has as good a future as the past.

    NFL front offices who are polishing their Lombardis from the last two decades usually cut a guy a year early instead of wasting cap space based on the past. New England, Pitts, GB, and many other contenders of the past decade don’t hold on to guys too long.

    I would much rather see some younger talent that has a future brought in here than a guy whose best days are in the rear view mirror. Let’s keep our eyes on the road ahead.
  2. daboyzruleperiod

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    Speaking Of Great In Their Day....:muttley:
  3. rocyaice

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    Jesus........he almost got decapitated.
  4. Verdict

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    Preach it.
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  5. Tangle_Foot

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    I'm all for moving on from players who are past their prime and their production has dropped. I don't get sentimental or married to players, I think any player, coach, scout not pulling their weight could and should be replaced sooner rather than later. For most teams that includes GM but we in Dallas operate under a different set of circumstances:(

    As far as what other fans think, wish or post about the moves we should make, just take it in stride. You can't get a small group of people to agree at the office water cooler, trying to do so here will only add to your frustration. Some herds just can't be rounded up:)
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  6. Goodtogo

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    Big fan of Witten, my son name his German Shepherd Witten, but that was a 5 years ago, and yes its time to move on. Witten takes up a space of Any TE that could and should be developing
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  7. JoeKing

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    Salud, al futuro.
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  8. Pompey-Cowboy

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    Couldn't agree more with the OP. This time last year, how many were screaming for Earl Thomas to be got? Too many.
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    You know what really chaps me about your posts Bullet? They're always RIGHT!!!! LOLOL!:grin:
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  10. Blackrain

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    I agree and If we were smart it would be time to seriously look into drafting a LT in a late round that could be developed . As much as I love Tyron HE IS ON BORROWED TIME . His back is going to leave us Romoed . He came in the league at 21 and has played a long time .

    Other front Offices would have heeded the warning signs by now but we are hanging on his name and who he was . Its time to make a move in the draft
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  11. Blackrain

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    Yep and players age in dog years . We have gotten a long life from Witten time to let a new dog lead the hunt
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  12. DeathMonkey

    DeathMonkey Well-Known Member

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    9,966 Likes Received looks like the person holding the phone basically dropped everything to help instead of still standing there recording? Who is this masked man!? We need more like him!
  13. Jake

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    This - a thousand times. "We should kick the tires."

    I can't wait to see the Snacks Harrison, Suh, and Eric Berry led Cowboys destroy the NFL. :rolleyes:
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  14. Bobhaze

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    You’ve missed a few then, cuz I’ve thrown down some slop too, but thanks brother! Lol!
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  15. Bobhaze

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    Lol! Yeah, most of the guys who give us the best chance to win a super bowl in the next 3-5 years are probably on a college campus right now or are young NFL FAs 90% of fans have never heard of.
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  16. CouchCoach

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    Loyalty has no place in the NFL. It is all about what have you done for me recently and what can you do for me now and how much will it cost me?

    Witten was pure loyalty and even questionable at that because I'd bet there are a lot of owners they wouldn't have considered him after he failed miserably and the timing of his move to broadcasting. I imagine there are quite a few that wouldn't even staged that hour long retirement pc. That one act is proof that the owner shouldn't be the GM if he's going to let his heart make decisions.

    Many here react to names they recognize, as they probably do on other forums but here that has a different reason. Other than OL, I do not trust this brain trust to pick winners, and that's only in the 1st round. They have done well at RB. So, a known player that has accomplished something looks better than a rookie these people are going to select. We talk about the cap implications but we don't care, we want players. Using that 1st on Cooper trumps using that on a draft pick.

    FA is going to make the ability to pick players in the draft even more critical from here on out because all of the salaries are rising at a disproportionate rate and the cap space some teams have are as responsible for that but that will not enter into it with an agent for a player doing the comparisons. This is also exacerbated by the fact these players are not getting better than ones in the past and there are not as many of them and they're far more injury prone than players in the past.

    That Eagles team that won their ring, that is the future.....depth. That team lost players at positions that would have crippled most teams and they played that "next man up" card as well as any team has in the last 20 years. And depth is all about young players and not keeping players around too long. The Niners learned their lesson but the Cowboys didn't follow it. That Eagles team and the Niners showed the NFL it is not about the players, it is about the team.

    That's why the Cowboys have one arm tied behind their back because to this owner, it is all about the individual players. 25 years these people have been at it and they're not one damned bit better at it than they were back then. But be of good cheer, they've got more family members lined up to join the party.
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  17. Diehardblues

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    Super Bowls.. lol
  18. ondaedg

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    Agreed. I could cover Witten and I'm old, short and slow...just not as slow as Witten.
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  19. Bobhaze

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    That first sentence says so much- “Loyalty has no place in the NFL”. Most of the teams winning Lombardis this century get that idea.

    Having a soft hearted owner also serving as the “final say” on the roster is a really bad idea as the last qtr century has proven.
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  20. johneric8

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    The problem with what you're doing here is your projecting your opinion as fact. We don't know what kind of shape or attitude Dez Bryant has right now, or what the front office is thinking on him as an addition. There is a chance that Dez is lighter and quicker and more focused than ever. If Dez is all of those things and is willing to be a third or fourth option you take a look period.

    Also, a player with the talent of David Irving if you happened to retain the rights you would be foolish not to take a look. There is a reason that Irving and Gregory are still talked about on these forums Bob, and that is because they're very talented and young players. I don't smoke Pot, but fact of the matter is it's becoming legal in many states and the stigma of it being a bad drug is wearing off. If Irving and Gregory really want to compete and they get reinstated you take a look period.

    Also, in regards to Witten, we know what he has to offer at this point and time and it's not much, but there are some major questions with some of these other guys. Lets not forget also that Dez Bryant is only 31 years old brother!!!! When I was in my early thirties I was in the best shape of my life! I had finally figured out a way to use my speed and athletic ability to become a great martial artist. I got my black belt when I was 34 and was at my absolute best physically and mentally. I think you need to pump the brakes on your judgements at this point man.

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