The NFL is headed for no salary cap

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by GMO415, Jun 7, 2019.

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    Even so, the fact that they were able to be guest analysts is something that originated with them being Cowboys.
    Second, in order to get many gigs, you have to have experience. Some experience, even if it's little, is better than nothing.
    Now I can imagine that if Staubach had wanted to pursue broadcasting, he could have. But he was a big time real estate tycoon. He had his after-football career.
    I don't know what the deal was with Lily.
    Nevertheless, they got that opportunity. And, believe me, there are many a player and non-sports Joes who would love to have that experience, even if short-lived. :)
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    The cap promotes parity, as does the 53 man roster. Every team has decent players.

    One of these days teams will “wise up” and stop paying poor QBs 2/3 of what Brady, Brees et. al. are making. That’s one of the reasons why teams don’t improve. Poor salary cap choices.

    Lee and Witten fall into that category as well.
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    Generally agreed. Although Lee and Witten's contracts are somewhat cheap and have a lot of incentive based things. QB's though are a different thing, they command top pay. Minny paid out the rear end to get Cousins last year and they did not make the playoffs. They made the same mistake earlier in giving away picks to get Bradford who of course, got hurt early and Case Keenum led them to a 13-3 season.
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    They won’t go uncapped, but eventually they may not count the QB contracts against the cap.
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    Great thread.
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    Now you're just making up your own arguments to argue with, and yes they are nonsensical. You are the only one claiming that because the Cowboys are the most valuable franchise - Jerry must have the largest wallet.

    Never said he's a cheapskate. Simply said he doesn't have near the assets, or revenue, that other owners have. If unlimited spending is allowed, he couldn't compete with some of the others. Paul Allen is dead now, but as an example: Microsoft is worth more than the Dallas Cowboys. Paul Allen's $20B is greater than what Jerry has no matter what the Seahawks are worth relative to the Cowboys.

    There's a new breed of NFL owner today that were not prevalent before FA when Jerry last made a splash spending big bucks for players.
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    Jerry wouldn't "have to" sell and this wont ever happen.
    IF it DID happen Dallas would be the franchise the richest people wanted to buy.
    Oil sheiks already visit Jerry and the stadium begging for even a small piece of the team.
    There is zero way Dallas would be hurt by any changes to raise or lift salary caps.
    That thought is just goofy.
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    post less and and read more

    Jerry is already a top 5 NFL owner in wealth and top 15 in all sports.

    And he makes A LOT ofmoney off the team because it is uber profitable.
    Dallas would be able to spend far more than most teams because they make far more.

    Paul Allen passed away. Would be quite tough for him to outspend Jerry.
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    That's complete BS, but par for the course with your posts.

    You said if spending was unlimited, Jerry wouldn't be able to keep up. Your exact quote was "Most valuable sports franchise means nothing if you have to sell the team in order to compete signing players. "

    Team Revenue was 864 Million dollars in 2017, or 16 Million dollars for each of the players on the 53 man roster. The average of all NFL players works out to a salary of 2.7 Million.

    The Rams owner currently has a net worth of 5 Billion while Jerry has a new worth of 3 Billion. Everything you have posted is complete nonsense.
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    Does he have to post at all?
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    If it gives us a better edge, I'm all for it. :laugh:
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    I see it differently with baseball, teams like the marlins, at least back then, gave themselves a self imposed window kept their stars and if that window closed they sold and rebuilt. Due to what kind of sport baseball is re-building is much easier because you have control of players longer and more control of their costs because of arbitration eligibility and so forth.
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    Yeah, MLB is a horse of a different color.
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    Maths is hard.

    $5B > $3B (Kroenke is actually worth $8.8B, Tepper $11B+, whoever buys the Seahawks will also be in the $10B+ range)
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    LOL! OK Math Wiz, explain to the unenlightened how that works. The current NFL salary cap is 188 Million per year. Is Kroeneke going to spend a billion dollars a year on salaries? Is he going to increase player salaries six times over current levels? And if he does, how is Jerry (a guy worth three billion) not be able to match that?

    And Jerry is in the top five of Owner Net Worth, what do the other 27 teams do at that point?

    Back to you for some other nonsensical, tangential reply.
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    I don't know about that...

    But....a cap exclusion for home-grown talent, makes almost too much sense. That would all but kill overpaying for players in Free Agency whose best playing days are in their rear-view....
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    And while we are at it, the Cowboys make 30% more revenue than any other team in the NFL. In 2017 they made 864 Million while the Patriots were 2nd at 593 Million. The Giants were 3rd at 493.

    If they doubled the player payroll they would still take the money out of profit, not Jerry's personal account. So fill us in, why would the increase be coming from Jerry rather than the team?
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    OK, you win. Jerry can outspend anybody.

    ... and when he does push-ups, he's not pushing himself up, he's pushing the Earth down.
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    Yeah but the NBA problem that is designed to address doesn't really exist in the NFL. Mahomes isn't waiting for his rookie deal to end so he can go to the Giants or Rams.
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    Fortunately for us we are the Yankees of the NFL.

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