The praise Dak is receiving for that game is ridiculous

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Galian Beast, Nov 11, 2019.

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    No, I am referring to the first two drives. Our first drive ended when Zeke ran for four yards on first down, giving a Dak six yards to work with passing. That’s not behind the chains.

    the second drive, Zeke on each of his three carries netted 4 yards. We again stalled on two passing plays by Dak with only six yards to go.
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    Pollard needs more carries, but Pollard is a back that needs space. He’s going to get destroyed going against the fronts Zeke does in early game scenarios. He is a situational back.

    Zeke is essentially like Emmitt, in how his impact is ultimately felt over the course of the game. Of course Emmitt was on a whole different level though.
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    This thread is still going?
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    The two prior first downs Zeke ran for 2 and 3 yards, but Dak converted passes to get the first down. Those are inefficient runs that Dak had to dig the team out of a hole. According to you Zeke doesn't have.
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    I'm saying once the defense is tired in secomd half that Pollard would be able to take advantage.
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    but I thought it was all Romo’s fault!
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    So, Dak did what he was supposed to do under the circumstances. It was a close game and the Cowboys needed a little more from the D or coaching staff. I don't care about stats unless you're talking scoreboard. The Vikes ate more clock and shortened the game with a 150 yards on the ground. The Cowboys were focused on the run too, but couldn't contain the Vikes ball carriers.
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    I am sorry but what you said is basically wrong. But only because of your lenient use of the word probably.
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    Totes man, the defense was super vs Vikings. Im suprised Dak blew it with such a dominant performance from Zeke and the defense. You win. Lol
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    You can’t be this stupid
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    You know, it actually is possible for a QB to play well and the team still lose. The "Daktard" comment doesn't help your case. It just makes your post seem like an irrational rant intended to pick a fight with other posters.

    Now, for a bit of reality … sure Dak could have done something different. With hindsight it's pretty easy to say that, but it is fair to say that what was done wasn't enough to get the job done. But your comments about his lack of leadership are contrary to what every coach, teammate, media source and even opposing coaches and players say about Dak. Even if Dak could have done something better, it's not logical to say that was the result of being a bad leader.
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    Since you used the word if, I submit to you if the Dallas defense could have made a few stops Dallas wins the game. As for playing 4 quarters,does that mean the defense doesn't have to play the entire game? It's a team game, the Viking defense, offense and special teams and coaching staff out performed Dallas, that's why they won.
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    Excellent post, there seems to be this belief among some fans that the elite quarterbacks win games on their own. Truth is the three elite quarterbacks you named actually play on really good complete teams. Elite/franchise quarterbacks need help also.
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    Please forgive my stupidity but to my credit I explained by reasoning.

    Explain where I am wrong - you would rate Prescott over Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady...?
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    how can anyone even consider putting Murray and Ryan ahead of Dak, same with fat Matt Stafford. I would argue that Prescott is the same or better than Jackson and Watson as well.
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    Straight the up bro... Suckas can't realise Garrett sucks! ROMO got this heat also.. just pathetic fans who expect him to be Brees every week
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    Pretty much tells it all and a lot of people on here we're pointing that out and some didn't want to hear it they just we're beating that Prescott stats horse, and as I and several other here pointed out stats don't win games or at least quarterback stats don't I don't give a rat's *** if you have 500 yards passing a game if you don't win the game that means nothing except a line in the stat book
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    With that being said the defense let us down big-time in that game but the offense also could have started playing in the first quarter instead of the second and of course you're going to have those off days but it's a consistent thing with this Cowboys team they don't want to play a whole 60 Minutes they try to win the game in the second half when they're already behind playing desperate
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    Ya those games exactly. The same type of games that franchise QB's overcome and find a way to win. Not always but once and awhile, that is what a franchise QB does, except for the ones that need everything around them to be perfect for them to win.

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