The Saints game is going to be tough

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by baltcowboy, Nov 26, 2021.

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    Sean Payton is not scared of Dan Quinn...I expect Kamara to be back. They will torch that defense even with Trevor Siemien (who has already beaten the Cowboys once in his career). The Saints defense has a lot of playmakers and they are a good run defense. They pretty much have all the strengths needed to beat the Cowboys offense. It's a bad matchup for Dallas.
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    Elliott seriously needs to sit this one out.

    He clearly isn't healthy and we do need him for the cold weather games later on.

    Let him heal up and come back better because he isn't helping right now.
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    Genuinely curious, as I have not watched any Saints games this year-
    Can anyone give an objective analysis of what their identity is and if they’re any good?

    At a cursory glance I see they are 5-6 overall and 2-3 at home. And currently on a 4 game losing streak. Looks like they’re not a playoff team this season.

    If we get Cooper and Lamb back, plus Randy and/or D-Law, I imagine that should tilt this game in our favor and we get back in the win column?

    I’ve watched every Cowboys game this season but outside of that haven’t watched as much NFL in general as previous years.
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    To think, this owner/GM and the team were making decisions based on "the long run" when it came to playing and sitting people. Playing the long game when nothing in 27 years should lead you to believe you have earned that type of cache. This team's issues start from the top of the organization. Entitlement is taught from the minute contracts are signed.

    Arizona is the best team left on the schedule, does anyone legitimately think Dallas beats them? They face playoff contenders and shrivel up like George Costanza coming out of the ocean and being seen by Jerry's girlfriend.

    New Orleans won't just be will seem like the hardest game they have played in weeks.
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    As bad as the Cowboys are right now all their games are going to be tough. Who knows win their next win will come. They’ll be lucky to win three of their last six.
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    It won't be tough for me because I won't be watching. I'm too disgusted by the way the Cowboys have played lately to bother.
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    Um. No we don't
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    Nope glad we don’t to be honest rather have the 10 days vs Wft
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    Dallas seems to make the opposing defense 80's Bears. And the QB vintage 90's Montana. If we get the cavalry back, will they be ready to play from game one? Don't think so. But we shall save that criticism for next Friday.
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