The Young Wonder Boy Offensive Genius

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by IceBowler, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Fire407

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    He actually got the Rams to the Super Bowl in his second year.
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  2. JoeKing

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    The young wonder boy offensive genius... is Kellen Moore. Watch out NFL, the Cowboys will conquer the world next season.
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  3. Hadenough

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    He didnt have to do anything against Dallas!
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  4. Hadenough

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    McVay has done a great job but was out coached bad in the SB. He is gaining valuable experience and will learn from it. People forget that Gurley was the key to that offense early on and hasnt been the same since he was injured. They also didnt have Cooper Kupp but they made it to the SB.
    Dallas without Amari Cooper wouldnt even make the playoffs.
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  5. Valkyr

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    McVay getting beaten is supposed to make us feel better?

    Don't see the correlation.
  6. CPanther95

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    You can't claim experience trumps youth based just on the fact that McVay got spanked last night. Just wait until McVay has 10-15 more seasons under his belt. I bet he'll prove that youth is far more important.
  7. atlantacowboy

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    Agree McVey got out coached by the GOAT, but he has already accomplished more in 3 years than Garret has in his entire career. So, its hard to sit here as a cowboy fan and knock the guy.
  8. Jake

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    The all time great got torched for 41 points by Nick Foles a year ago.

    Surely "genius" McVay and his "franchise QB" they traded up to get could've managed a bit more than 3.
  9. jrumann59

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    Dak is light years ahead of Goff in ability to read a defense and I do not think Dak is great at reading defenses.
  10. silvrNblue

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    So, he came back after a MONTH lay off due to injury against us, so whats Garrett's excuse for NOT being able to control their run game? Hell, what did Gurly have against our great vaunted defense? No, I'd put more stock in Bill took him out of the scheme with HIS version of defense and made Goff beat them, which he didn't. Just face the facts here, Garrett is a DA, and should NOT be HC of the Dallas Cowboys. I don't care that he has peon coaches assigned to whatever groups, as HC YOU have to know when to walk over and take their scalp off and ADJUST! Bill Belichek damn well does it. And with lesser play makers supposedly. I am no Pat's fan, but 9 appearance's and 6 wins is a telling story to that team. Bill is the only HC to sport 8 SB rings, Garrett, well unless he hits one out of a gumball machine won't ever know what it is to wear one. Kudos to a team who hasn't had a low draft pick in as many seasons, but yet shows up EVERY year to the big dance. And yes I place 99% of that blame right at the feet of this arrogant scotch drunken fool we have as an owner, who ain't smart enough to get out of his own damn way.
  11. KingintheNorth

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    The same but don't act like we all don't know Belichick is one of the best football coaches in history when it comes to preparation. I feel the same about his mentor Bill Parcells. The biggest difference is Parcells (at the end) wasn't so great at mid-game or halftime adjustments. Beliichick specializes in prep/scouting and is pretty good adjusting as well.
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  12. Nova

    Nova Ntegrase96

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    The Rams did gash us, yes.

    They gashed us for a number of reasons, including being able to determine our defense before each snap due to an alignment tell.

    But overall they were able to negate our pretty good run defense because they could easily direct our single gap down lineman and they were able to consistently beat our linebackers to the lane.

    The reason their blockers were able to beat Jaylon/LVE/Lee to the running lanes is because of a lot of that movement behind the line of scrimmage (plus a slippery field, and again, McVay's offense knowing what our defense was trying to do on upwards of 90% of plays).
  13. cowboyblue22

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    Jason garrett sucks
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  14. JoeyBoy718

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    Okay, followup question. How many weeks did the Eagles' coach have to prepare last year?

    I don't understand your point about weeks of preparation. Every coach gets two weeks to prepare for a Super Bowl. The Patriots have lost multiple Super Bowls before. I don't see how weeks of preparation is a valid excuse for McVay.
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  15. GMO415

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    There was only one professor on that field last night and it wasn't McVay
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  16. kskboys

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    It's not. He sucked in this super bowl. If he learned from it, well OK. If he didn't then he's not the genius he's been made out to be. To be seen.
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  17. mattjames2010

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    ....and Belichick barely did anything offensively as well. I mean, this game was pretty much just one big play away from us talking about Goff and McVay being the next dynasty.

    Cook makes that play in the end zone and it's an entirely different ball game.

    It was simply a great defensive game, on both sides. The more experienced coach won. Not really that surprising.
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  18. ClintDagger

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    I thought Gurley looked bad against us. He put up numbers because the holes were huge. But he wasn’t right. Anderson was nothing special either but again, huge holes. And McVay clearly thought Anderson was the better option which should tell us all we need to know about TG’s health.

    As far as Dallas getting gashed. I would say it was a bad game plan, lack of adjustments, injured guys on the DL, a fatigued defense overall. We could go on and on.
  19. BoysForLife

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    He took over a 4-12 team at 30 years old and got them to the Super Bowl in year 2.

    Yeah, he's garbage. LOL
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  20. Ultra Warrior

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    A pass was dropped in the endzone on the play before Goff's INT. Is the coach to blame for that as well?
    Granted, Goff had a pretty terrible game, there were a few plays there where the game could have been closer & maybe even taken it into overtime.
    It's not like the Pats blew them away or anything.

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